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About this Game

A lot of people are hooked on role playing games because of the amazing storyline and various characters that take part in every mission. Fate Grand Order (FGO) is no different, but it stands out from the rest of RPGs due to its well thought out story campaign and memorable characters. Explore the game today and participate in missions and quests that can help solve mysteries!

Situated in a provincial town in Japan, Fate Grand Order dates back to a time when humans were threatened by a possible extinction. This is because Chaldea, a task organization, has confirmed that human history will be wiped out by 2019. Now your task is to protect humanity, the grand order. This card battle RPG is an exciting one as you become a master and defeat different kinds of enemies that come your way. As the main player, you also need to solve the mystery of how human history disappeared.

Play Missions, Quests, and Limited-Time Events

Aside from the amazing storyline, the missions and quests in FGO are quite interesting. You will come across some time-limited events that you have to prioritize so you can earn an Event Reward Servant. This gives you a better chance to earn a strong servant for your missions. Aside from that, you can get farm materials for leveling up too.
Aside from these events, there is also a campaign mode where you have to clear the first chapter before advancing to the next. If ever you find it hard to level up, you can train and enhance your servant class to increase strength.

Game Features of this Card Battle RPG

  • Impressive character quests and storyline.
  • Become a Master with the help of the Heroic Spirits.
  • Solve the mystery of human history’s disappearance.
  • Learn different command spells to defeat enemies.
  • Join time-limited events!

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