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Vehicle Simulator PC - Practice Your Driving Skills on This Game

Vehicle Simulator Tracks
Vehicle Simulator Motor
Vehicle Simulator Drift
Vehicle Simulator Boat and Plane
Vehicle Simulator Tracks
Vehicle Simulator Motor
Vehicle Simulator Drift
Vehicle Simulator Boat and Plane

Do you love playing games where it involves a lot of driving any vehicle like cars, motorcycles, and so on? How about games that include flying? If you like all of these, then you will enjoy playing Vehicle Simulator. It’s a racing simulation game where you will be given a chance to practice driving different types of vehicles, including aircraft, in this game.

The basic setup would be to drive the vehicle and try to reach various checkpoints on the map. It’s a game where you can practice and try to improve your driving skills since there will be no penalty for crashing or taking a lot of time. It’s a great game to play for people who are new to racing games or are having trouble with their performance.

But how do you play this game? And what can you expect from it? Let’s discuss all of it in this article. To help you understand this game better and how to properly play it better.

How To Play Vehicle Simulator

When you first play Vehicle Simulator, the first thing you will do is to select what kind of vehicle you’d like to drive. You can choose sports cars, motorcycles, bicycles, drones, aircraft, ships, truck, buggy, and other 4×4 vehicles.

Each type of vehicle will have different choices available, but most of them are locked. You will unlock them first or pay the game to unlock all vehicles. You can also customize the colour of the vehicle that you are using.

Once done, the next choice would be to decide what type of game mode you will play. You can choose the City Tour, where you will be going to various checkpoints in the city. You can also go for Free Roam, where you roam around wherever you want. Then there are the Challenges, where you will have to complete specific challenges on the map.

There are also other game modes like Career Race, which will come soon. Drift Race and Fun Traffic Mode that is available for only various vehicles, and the Fun Challenges.

After picking the game mode, you start playing. The controls are really easy to learn as there’s only gas, brake/reverse, left, right, and handbrake for drifting.

You can see from how to play the game that it is very easy and simple to play. The different game modes provide you with options and more freedom on how to play this game. But what else can you expect in this game? Let’s check out its features.

Vehicle Simulator Features

  • Be able to practice with different types of vehicles!
  • Different game modes are available for you to choose from and enjoy.
  • Various vehicles to unlock and use for practice or free driving.
  • Get into mission mode with your friends
  • Enjoy a free to play game

Ready to race like a king and finish the match as a champion? Then, try more racing games to practice more of your skills! Download and play Just Drift or Moto Traffic Race on your PC now. Don’t forget to let your friends join the fun excitement!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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