Warspear Online (MMORPG, RPG)
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Warspear Online - Your Dangerous Journey in the Vast Nostalgic World

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If you’re looking for a game that will test your battle skills and immerse you in a nostalgic atmosphere, Warspear Online is the right game for you. In this casual MMORPG, you’ll be tasked to choose your side, explore, and battle against vigorous bosses.

Published by TITULUM, Warspear Online MMORPG is a perfect game for players who immensely enjoy MMORPGs and old-school fantasy games. With its pixelized graphics, engaging gameplay, and intuitive controls, you’ll surely enjoy playing this game for hours.

Choose Your Alliance & Warrior

In Warspear Online for PC, you must select your alliance before immersing yourself in the battle. You can choose to be on the side of Legion or Sentinels. Once you’ve selected your alliance, you’ll create your warrior representing you in the battles. The game has four races: Chosen, Forsaken, Chosen, and Firstborn.

Within the mentioned races, there are 20 classes available, and each depicts uniqueness not only in appearance but also in terms of abilities. What is more impressive about Warspear Online is that you can customize your warrior according to your preferences. You can modify its skins and opt for various costumes.

Warspear Online for PC – Immerse Your Warrior in Dangerous Battles

Once your warrior is set, you can test your skills by immersing yourself in various battles available in Warspear Online. You can start with PvE mode, where more than 1500 quests and explorations await you. There are loads of powerful monsters and bosses that will try to bring you down. Every successful quest you’ve achieved will give you outstanding rewards and means to make your warrior more powerful.

As you progress in Warspear Online, your hero is expected to be more powerful by earning more expert skills. Generally, there are more than 100 expert skills, and you can only obtain them by upgrading your existing basic skills.

If you’re confident enough with the prowess of your warrior, you can battle in the open PvP and arena against other warriors. You can also test your skills in the Temple of Seals or simultaneous battles against your co-alliances. Also, you can join some guilds and battle together in a guild versus guild-battles.

Stimulating Warspear Online Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • An interesting old-school fantasy casual MMORPG
  • Pixelized graphics, engaging gameplay, and easy controls
  • Choose your alliance and create your warrior
  • Customization options for your hero
  • Immerse in various battle modes
  • Unlock more expert skills
  • Join a guild

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