Where’s Samantha?
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Where’s Samantha - Overcome the Quests to Prove Your Love

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Losing the love of your life is one of the most painful experiences you can possibly have. It’s always the terrible part of every love story you have heard of. Well, that’s not the case for George, the protagonist of the romantic action game, Where’s Samantha. He would rather lose all he has just to bring back his lost love. Moreover, this action game boasts nostalgic elements of romantic relationships. So if you have what it takes to be brave like George, it’s your time to prove it to Samantha.

Published by ROKiT, Where’s Samantha takes you into the world of fabric. Yes, you heard it. George and Samantha are romantic lovers of a fabric world. Their love story is partially tragic, which we’ll discuss in a bit. Even though this game storyline is cheesy, you will enjoy the quests encountered by George to find Samantha.

Love in a Knit

Where’s Samantha is a game built upon a love story about two lovers, George and Samantha. The game provides narration about how Samantha was caught by the wind that separated her from George. As the game starts, you will play the role of George, and you’re on a mission to find Samantha. You will encounter challenges and some hard obstacles along the way. But to prove your love for Samantha, you have to risk it all.

At the end of each level, the narrator will again tell the stage of your quest (and your deep love for Samantha). You’ll expect that Where Samantha’s narration is about proving your love. However, it’s also accompanied by statements of guilt-tripping George. But you love Samantha right? She’s the only one that you have and losing her is like losing it all. As George, you have to continue the quests and the risky journey to prove your love in the knit.

Where’s Samantha Astonishing Game Graphics

Because the game is all about two lovers in the world of fabric, the game’s graphics also follows suit. Where’s Samantha brings you this simple yet immersive 2D dynamic display. The path of the quest is immersive as shown by the game’s challenges and obstacles themselves. Even more, the musical soundtrack used in the game highly elaborates the romantic mood. In addition, it elaborates on the adventures that you will be facing in each quest.

Wheres Samantha Game Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A narration that tells a partially tragic love story
  • An unassuming fabric who loses the love of his life
  • Explore a 45-level fabric quests
  • Epic challenges and obstacles
  • A 2D fabric-designed graphics that create a dynamic environment

Play Wheres Samantha on your PC today. If you’re interested in related romantic action games, you can find them here in Games.lol. You can also try games like Wall Kickers and Super Starfish for free.




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