Wild Clash: Online Battle
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Wild Clash: Online Battle - Enjoy Battling Against Other People

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wild clash download free
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Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are usually fun to play because of their competitive nature. Well, if you’re looking for a unique but equally fun MOBA game to play, then you should try Wild Clash: Online Battle, a MOBA from Unica Games.

However, this is not your typical MOBA game because the kind of battle will depend on the game mode. That’s right, Wild Clash features many different game modes for players to enjoy. But the ultimate goal is still the same—to defeat the enemy team.

How to Play Wild Clash: Online Battle

When you first play Wild Clash, you will be asked to create an account or play as a guest. After that, you will undergo a short tutorial. This will teach you basic navigation and shooting in the game. It will also teach you about your special skill, which can deal higher damage than your regular attack. Once done, you will proceed to play your first battle.

In the beginning, you will only have access to one game mode, which is Grab Gems. In that game mode, your goal is for your players to literally grab gems and fill up the gem gauge for the team. Once the gauge is filled, a countdown will start, and if the countdown ends while the gauge is full that team wins. But if the gauge decreases, the countdown will stop. To lessen gems that other teams are holding, you have to kill their players who are holding the gems.

If you happen to kill a player who is holding most of the gems for their team, then you likely deplete the gems they have. Likewise, a player on your team who’s holding most of the gems should be protected until the countdown ends. So, if you happen to hold all the gems, it’s best you hide and just protect yourself.

Unlock New Game Modes

Another game mode is the Defense Base, which is similar to most MOBA games. It involves your team trying to destroy their base while preventing them from destroying yours. Game modes are unlocked as you level up in Wild Clash. So, the more you play, the quicker you will level up.

Wild Clash: Online Battle Features

  • Different game modes to enjoy and play.
  • Numerous heroes to acquire, each with unique skills to use in battle.
  • Simple and easy-to-learn gameplay.
  • Join a guild and play with your friends.

Like with most MOBA, you can also acquire different heroes on Wild Clash to be used in battle. Get a piece of the action on PC and download the game now! If you want more action games, check out Clash of Clans or Mobile Legends as well.




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