YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game
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Yahtzee With Buddies – An Awesome Game to Enjoy With Friends

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yahtzee with buddies pc download
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If you’re someone who enjoys playing dice games, then this classic game is something that you’ll love. It’s titled Yahtzee With Buddies, a multiplayer board game published by Scopely. In this game, your objective is to score the highest points possible. You get to play this game against other people from all over the world.

Overall, this dice game is entertaining and exciting, and surely, you’ll love playing it. Even if you’re not familiar with the rules of Yahtzee, this game provides a way for you to easily understand how it’s played. Read on as we discuss the gameplay of this dice game and its basic rules.

Learn How Yahtzee With Buddies Works

The great thing about this dice game is that it comes with a tutorial, which first-time players can take advantage of. In the tutorial, which uses simple terms that players can easily comprehend, players get to familiarize the rules of the game. You can also practice for as long as you like, so you can get the hang of it.

As mentioned before, the overall goal in Yahtzee is to score as many points as possible. You earn points based on the outcome of the five dice after a roll. For example, if all five dice come out with the same number, let’s say with 4, then you get a Yahtzee. It’s the highest score you can earn, and it’s equivalent to 50 points.

Another possible combination would be all five numbers coming out in a sequence. When you get a combination, you will put it down on the board, beside the corresponding category. Once all categories are filled with points for both players, they’re added up, and the one with the highest point total wins.

The great thing about Yahtzee With Buddies is that it will allow you to roll three times. And when you roll, you can choose to save dice. That means if you’re aiming for a Yahtzee and three dice already came out as 4, you can save them and just hope the next two rolls produce two more 4s.

Overall, Yahtzee With Buddies is an entertaining game, and you’ll easily figure out how it works as you play. That’s why it’s a game that’s worth downloading.

Amazing Features of This Fun Board Game

  • Easily learn the rules of Yahtzee
  • Play this board game against other people online
  • Participate in tournaments and showcase your Yahtzee talent
  • Free to play

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