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About this Game


A zombie-infested apocalypse has become a staple in pop culture media over the last few decades. Aside from movies and TV shows, tons of thrilling video games are also based on zombies. And if you’re looking for action games that will test your skills to survive a zombie apocalypse, then Zombie Gunship Survival is for you.

Developed by Flaregames, the game puts your fighting, survival skills, and warfare strategies to the test. Zombies also have different abilities, making the game more challenging as players press on. Now before you get the free Zombie Gunship Survival download. learn more about the game’s features first!


Build Your Own Zombie Gunship Survival Army!

When you play Zombie Gunship Survival PC, you need to build and deploy an army. In this game, you can choose from four game modes (Assault, Sniper, Demolition, and Scout) from your AC 130 gunship. Aside from this, you can equip your gunship with realistic powerful weapons too! When you have enough gold, you can also upgrade your weapons, equipment, and overall defense to ensure survival. Strengthening your army will also earn you awesome rewards.


Fight Different Types of Zombies

The game’s developer, Flaregames, made sure that this zombie fighting mission is ultra-challenging and exciting. Therefore, they included many types of zombies in Zombie Gunship Survival play. Each zombie type has different killing abilities and strength levels.

In the game, you will encounter zombies that are difficult to kill, and these will put your resourcefulness and strategic skills to the test! You have to be creative and prepared to actually survive in this zombie apocalypse challenge.


Collect Gold, Rewards, and Weapons to Ensure Survival

When you successfully kill zombies, you will earn gold and rewards. These can be used to upgrade your army, weapons, and defenses. You can also collect different guns and other weapons as you go along. And if you successfully finish missions in Zombie Gunship Survival play, you can unlock more types of weapons, gear, and ranks. Ready to shoot down zombies? Get the Zombie Gunship Survival PC download now!

If you are craving for more intense zombie action games, you can try playing Zombie Tsunami or Zombie Guard! To enjoy these games on PC, you can get a free unblocked download now.

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