Best Action Games Online - Download free Shooting, Fighting and FPS Games on PC/Mac

Love anything action games online free? Love FPS sniper games that allow you to go shooting against other players? Enjoy fighting games that get your adrenaline pumping? Immerse yourselves in the fun of 3D games here in the Action category!

Action games are absolutely the most popular on any platform. They keep your blood pumping and fingers moving. They are the type of games that will test your reflexes and wits. Action games for PC and Mac are a great and fun way to unleash your inner hero, especially when you start battling enemies or competing with other players in real-time combat.


There are a variety of action games free out there. This includes, but not limited to, adventure games, fighting games, shooting games, and even 3D games! Whether you want to overcome obstacles, fight your way through hundreds of enemies, or cause a massive mayhem, you know there is no better place to fill this void. You can also enjoy an out-for-the-world experience with our space games!


Our free online action games category got you covered. Enjoy the thrill that road racing offers with Fastlane: Road to Revenge; experience a new kind of adventure with Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores; get the adrenaline pumping with first person shooter (FPS) games like Pixel Gun 3D; or play with your friends with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – there is definitely something in this category that you will want to play at every given chance.


Pick an action game from this category, start testing your skills, and enjoy! Unleash the sniper sense in you! All of these action games are for free and you can download them with no limits. So why not check them out? Good luck, comrade!