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About this Game

AFK Arena is a simplistic yet artistic RPG where combat is highly streamlined, but the story remains engaging. It is the game that took millions by storm with its beautiful visuals, excellent sound design and tons of content that can be earned for free. Download and play AFK Arena on PC for free online. Get it here.

Welcome to Esperia

The land of Esperia brims with might and magic, heroes and champions. You get to lead a band of combatants as they explore the kingdom and discover the dangers and treasures ahead. Guide them to an almost endless journey where the enemies are unpredictable and the lands hostile.

A Relaxing Way to Play RPG

The game is not called AFK Arena without you being AFK. Choose to command your party to stages where they can move on their own. Their battles are automatically solved based on the provided items and skills you give them. This part makes it easier for you to farm, especially if you are not the active player type. Get to finish levels and unlock gear without even doing anything.

Recruit Unique Heroes

Among the main features of AFK Arena is the inclusion of a gacha system where you can have the chance to earn high-ranking heroes that you can use for your party. Each hero has a unique character design and sets of skills to make them distinct from one another.

Participate in Awesome Events and Collaborations

AFK Arena on PC constant gets massive updates like new maps, new heroes and unique stories. Some are available for a limited time. Included in these limited events are massive collaborations with other games and shows like Assassin’s Creed and the hit anime show Overlord. These events do not just provide new content but also precious resources that you usually farm repetitively in regular campaigns.

AFK Arena on PC Game Features:

  • Experience playing while having fun and relaxing!
  • Hone your skills and hero in each match
  • Get a chance to capture unique strategies
  • Try out many adventures with friends
  • Play for free download

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