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About this Game

Immerse yourself in a world inspired by Celtic mythology, and collect heroes worthy of bardic songs. In fact, a variety of heroes and factions await you in your epic AFK Arena journey. Moreover, each faction has distinct concepts that set them apart from the rest. So rest assured that you are in for an eye-popping art-fest.

Invest as little as ten minutes a day and your heroes will amass hordes of treasures for you! After all, the game is entitled AFK Arena, so don’t be surprised if everything will progress even if you are away from the keyboard.


Collect AFK Arena Heroes and Treasure

All the heroes have unique sets of skills, so you better collect them all! Arrange your lineup so that your foes won’t stand a chance. Win treasures in the mazes found in the Peaks of Time. Feel free to proceed with your real life as you let your heroes farm the treasures for you!

Assemble your dream team and play with players from all over the world. Then join other AFK Arena alliances and embark on a journey to clear higher level dungeons. More difficulty means more loot. More loot means you can further improve your heroes!

Go ahead and get your free PC game download and challenge yourself with its strategic gameplay! And then check out some awesome Role-Playing Games free to download, like Avakin Life – 3D virtual world and Lineage2 Revolution!

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