Beneath The Lighthouse
Beneath the Lighthouse pc game Beneath the Lighthouse free full version

Beneath the Lighthouse on PC: Look For Grandpa by Solving Puzzles

Beneath the Lighthouse download free
Beneath the Lighthouse download full version
Beneath the Lighthouse PC free
Beneath the Lighthouse download PC
Beneath the Lighthouse download free
Beneath the Lighthouse download full version
Beneath the Lighthouse PC free
Beneath the Lighthouse download PC

How much do you love your grandpa? Well, most grandchildren are very attached to their grandparents because they offer a unique kind of love other than a parent. As they say, grandparents are the best humans to ask for anything that your parents won’t give you! What happens if you can’t find your grandpa all of a sudden? That would be devastating as a kid.

In this fun and challenging video game on PC, you will help out a young boy in search of his grandpa. You will face different challenges as you sail out and find out why the lighthouse hasn’t been working. As you fall into a deep hole, prepare yourself for some brain-teasing puzzles that will test your wit.

If you love puzzles and want to know the mystery behind the missing grandpa in the lighthouse, be sure to check out Beneath the Lighthouse today and download the game on your PC!

How to Play Beneath the Lighthouse on PC

Beneath the Lighthouse is not your ordinary game of puzzle. The graphics, storyline, and overall gameplay is one of a kind. The little boy in the game is out searching for his grandpa who is missing. This started when the lighthouse stopped giving some light to the area. As the boy sails out into the sea, he finds his grandpa’s hat and a mysterious hole in which he falls in.
The myriad of puzzles starts when you are under the lighthouse. Again, the puzzles are unique. You don’t control the boy. The positioning of the room is the one you can manipulate and everything is affected by the slightest change you make.

Each puzzle has a different hazard or obstacle so the game is dealt with accordingly. You need to move the place and the little boy will move as to how the objects inside the puzzle move as well. So if there are spikes near the boy, it is best to find a way for him to avoid such obstacles. If you run out of lives, you will go back to the start of the puzzle. There will also be an option to watch some advertisements so that you only go back to the last step you made in the game before dying.

Game Features of Beneath the Lighthouse

  • Unique visual display with cool audio effects
  • Interesting puzzles that get more difficult each level
  • Earn trophies as you clear a level
  • Dodge spikes and avoids the different hazards to win the game
  • Think well before moving so that you won’t die

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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