Blade & Soul Revolution
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Blade & Soul Revolution: Play this Epic MMORPG Action

Blade & Soul Revolution is a game that lets you experience fast-paced and action-packed MMO gameplay. Moreover, it tests your reflexes, timing, and your ability to read your opponents to land fierce and impressive combos!

You will be playing a character who is seeking vengeance after your Master falls to the vile and conniving Jinsoyun in Blade & Soul Revolution. But before you can get your hands on her, you need to hone your abilities since taking her out is not an easy feat. You have to master one of the four classes available if you wish to face her and avenge your master!

Pick Your Fighting Style in Blade & Soul Revolution

In Blade & Soul Revolution, you have to choose one fighting style from the four classes — Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, Force Master, or Destroyer — and master all their skills and abilities. Each of the classes has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, Blade Masters are often considered to be the entry-level class because it has well-rounded stats. Moreover, their skills are straightforward which allows you to concentrate on completing your objectives.

Meanwhile, Force Master is more reliant on keeping their distance while hurling various projectile force on their targets. This makes them especially deadly if they can keep away from their target, but can easily be wiped out if opponents manage to get close to them.

Action-Filled Multiplayer Madness

One game mechanic MMOs always have is multiplayer, and Blade & Soul Revolution does not disappoint in this area. Upon reaching a certain level, the game lets you join clans which can help you get more powerful items, equipment, and experience. You and your clanmates can try to defeat extremely tough bosses to gain valuable rewards and equipment. You can also help each other as you go over the game’s storyline.

If you and your clanmates want more of a challenge in Blade & Soul Revolution, you can battle other clans in a fierce PVP action. PVP is where your skills and knowledge of your character and class will be put to the test. Link your attacks with your team to unleash devastating combos and decimate your enemies!

If you’re itching to get into an exciting MMO, look no further than the Blade & Soul Revolution PC version. Get lost in its world, and come out as one of the Masters of the Art of War! Make your RPG experience more exciting by trying other role-playing games on this site! There are lots of games to choose from. You can use the search bar, check the games category, or try out Guild of Heroes and Lineage 2 Revolution. Have fun playing!

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blade soul exciting gameplay
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blade soul boss battle
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