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Block City Wars Online - Fun & Exciting Action Simulation Game To Play

Do you enjoy shooting games? Battling against other people to see who the better shooter is? How about going against zombies and see if you can survive an apocalypse? How about doing some street racing? Battling using giant robots? Well, if you love all of these, then you are in luck as the Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter With Battle Royale game offers it all. It’s an action simulation game that’s published by D-Games Apps.

This pixel shooter game features various game modes for you to play. It has several shooting games where you can compete against other players or join them to battle against zombies. It has a free fight battle and even a battle royale mode. The game also has a racing game mode to see who among you is the fastest racer. There’s even a game mode where you get to use giant robots to fight against giant robots. Let’s look at in more detail how to play this game.

How to Play Block City Wars

The first part will be a tutorial about moving the camera angle, moving your avatar, shooting enemies, and stealing cars and driving them. Once you complete that, you can already start playing the game in any way you want. When you go to the lobby, you will see all of the different game modes available for you to play in.

You need to select which game mode you want to play in and then decide on the various settings. For example, you chose the Free Fight mode; after that, you will be taken to a screen where you can select the weapon you will be equipped with, the map you will use, and the rules. You will also see any additional conditions the game mode will have if there are any, and the kind of rewards you will get if you win.

Once done with the configurations, you click play to start playing the game. Remember to follow all the rules if you want to win in that particular game mode and earn rewards.

Block City Wars Features

  • 13 different multiplayer modes to play.
  • A large block city for you to explore and do what you want.
  • Over 50 different vehicles to use in the game.
  • More than 100 different weapons to acquire and use.
  • Play with thousands of different players from all over the world daily

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Block City Wars Target Enemy
Block City Wars Kill Enemy
Block City Wars Exchange Fire
Block City Wars Enemy Encounter
block city wars chase enemy
Block City Wars Target Enemy
Block City Wars Kill Enemy
Block City Wars Exchange Fire
Block City Wars Enemy Encounter
block city wars chase enemy




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