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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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About this Game

Welcome to the Dragon Ball World! Experience action at your fingertips by launching the best attacks to win this game. Face off with Vegeta, Cell, Gohan, Goku, and the rest of the Super Saiyans—if you dare!

As experts say, having the most Ki will make you one of the best fighters in the Dragon Ball world. However, there are a lot of other exciting strategies and techniques for this game. If you are up for a powerful anime fight, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle is the game for you. So come on and download this on your PC today!


Collect More Ki

In order to throw super attacks in this game, you need to get all those Ki as much as possible in every battle. Players should tap the best glowing sphere on the bottom row of the screen which is proximal to your character.
The longest line with similar Ki colors is the best and effective one when you play the game. Again, more Ki allows you to do a lot of damage during the battle. So Ki is definitely the “key” to win battles in this game!




Build Your Own Team For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Playing this game can be so much fun if you team up with your friends and family. Showcase your gaming skills as you organize and strategize the best way for your team to claim victory in every battle. And if you win more battles, you could unlock rare Dragon Ball characters and have them on your team!


Create Variety within Your Team

When it comes to building a team, learning every character’s strengths and weaknesses are important so you will know who needs more training. To increase your chance of winning battles, you must invest in a team with a variety of skills that can effectively go against the opponent. There are certain boss battles where you need several colors and powers before taking your enemy down.


Download Dokkan Battle on PC

Installing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on your own PC is fairly easy. Just scroll down to reach the Game Download portion of this page, and then click the “PLAY NOW” button.




This will prompt an installer to start the download of Dokkan Battle on PC. When the installer is done downloading and installing, you will be able to play the game right away. So start building a team of Super Saiyans and win destructive battles on Dragon Ball Z!

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Download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on PC

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