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About this Game


Have you ever wished that Minecraft have vehicles? Unfortunately, that wish is unlikely, unless you want to use mods. Thankfully, there is a Minecraft-styled voxel game about cars! Enter Blocky Cars PC, a game where you can unleash your creativity and hone your tinkering skills. Are you curious about everything else that the game has to offer? Then read on to find out more!


Your Imagination Is The Only Limit In Blocky Cars Desktop

Did someone say spider tanks!? Yep! In Blocky Cars Desktop, you can build all sorts of vehicles, including tanks, cars, spider tanks, bipedal and quadruped bots, and even hovering bots! Moreover, there are loads of aesthetic and functional blocks to build your vehicle. Keep in mind that you are building a war machine, so do not get carried away. Try to create a balance between firepower, defense, and awesomeness!


Multiple Modes

Furthermore, thanks to the multitude of modes available in the game, you will NEVER run out of things to do. Pit your creation against those of your friends. Surely, it will take years to lose your interest, because Blocky Cars Free is always supported by developer updates. Get your Blocky Cars Free download now!

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