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Pixel Car Racer Download for PC - Play Retro-Style Car Racing Game

Do you love driving around? Or better yet, do you enjoy racing and drifting? Playing car racing games on arcades was the best experience in the past and it just got better when racing can now be done right at your fingertips. Pixel Car Racer is one of the most addicting games which can be downloaded for PC gaming. So, give it a try and play it today here on!

Feel the Rush on Different Modes

Pixel Car Racer promises players a thrilling and fun ride – be it on the streets or professional race tracks. There are different modes available for players; Beginners is the easy mode where the racing platform is automatically staged before starting the race. The Amateur Mode is practically the same as the beginners, but it has the option to change gears – up and down. On the other hand, Expert Mode allows you to start far from the starting line so that you can rev your engine before the race signals start.

These different modes allow the player to earn cash as well. Expert mode usually makes you earn around 60% more cash compared to the Beginner Mode. Once you have surpassed all of these races, tournaments are up for grabs for avid racers!

Show Off Your Driving Skills on Pixel Car Racer Tournaments

Do you want to show off your driving skills? Join numerous tournaments in Pixel Car Racer! This depends on how many types of upgrades your car already has. You can race with different AI drivers all depending on your skills and car makeup. Moreover, what makes these tournaments awesome is that a cash prize awaits the winner. Prize money varies on the type of tournament;  of course, the bigger the race the higher the prize! So, download Pixel Car Racer now and have the race of your life!

Rev up your engines and download Pixel Car Racer and more for free on your desktop PC! Fun and exciting racing games are also waiting for you to check out. Try playing Drifty Chase or Smashy Road: Wanted also available for free!

Pixel Car Racer Car Gearing
Pixel Car Racer Drag Racing
Pixel Car Racer Gameplay Race
Pixel Car Racer Ready Go
Pixel Car Racer Car Gearing
Pixel Car Racer Drag Racing
Pixel Car Racer Gameplay Race
Pixel Car Racer Ready Go




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