Minecraft – How to Craft Buildings in Survival Mode

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Posted on March 11, 2021

There are two modes in Minecraft: Creative and Survival. However, the Creative mode is somewhat a cheat and just purely about creating art out of it. If you want the true Minecraft experience where you build a wonderful castle while defending against the world’s many enemies, you may want to consult our guide. Just take note that we are not the most professional when it comes to creating buildings in the game. But we can lend you a hand if you are still a beginner. So, let’s just jump right into it.

Wood, Wood, & More Wood

Wood is an essential part of Minecraft. It is the first resource that you may want to get, especially if you are just starting up the game. With just at least four blocks of wood, you can create a crafting table that will become the foundation of all your crafting needs to come. Also, this is the most essential item if you want to start gathering stones and some chunks of coal.

See those trees as soon as you startup? Grab at least four blocks first, create a crafting table, and do yourself a favor and make a wooden ax and pick. Once you have enough, then you can create loads more items, including a door, panels, flooring, and walls.

Minecraft Building

This is also the foundation of just about anything you need for crafting your first shelter in Minecraft. Of course, it does not have to be perfect. Just enough is okay to enclose yourself against the menace of the night. If you manage to slaughter some sheep, you may want to create a bed so you can quickly advance to daylight and gather more stuff.

Spelunk for Stone

Have you gathered enough wood and a couple of pickaxes to start mining? Okay, great. Now, you need stones. Stone-based items are quite versatile in the early game. The stone sword alone can help you survive long enough in the night, while the stone versions of the pickaxe and the ax are significantly faster than the wooden versions. They also last longer too.

With enough stone, and—given that you mined deep enough to get random coal—you can create the following: a stove, a chest, and a smelter. With these, you can now cook food, build new weapons, and, most of all, craft items for construction. Moreover, the stone weapons for harvesting and spelunking are also quite sturdy for a while, too, so don’t be shy when making at least three of each.

Sand for Glass

If you didn’t land in the desert area of the Minecraft world, you may want to go to a place with sand. So, why this fragile block that doesn’t contribute anything? Actually, it does contribute quite a lot, specifically to glass. Of course, you would want to craft windows for your construction because your house would look so enclosed and miserable without shedding some light into it. Bring the sand blocks to the smelter and watch them become precious glass.

Minecraft Flat Land


Find a Flat Land

If you are starting to get serious with constructing buildings in Minecraft, the best way to do so is to find an area as flat and large as possible. But if your world seed happens to be rocky and mountainous, you have two choices: blow the mountains up or be creative and make sky houses on the mountains. However, given that you are still a beginner in Minecraft, you should go with a flat surface. Although, you can also get creative and make a cave within the hills if you want to, especially if you are rushing before the night comes.

Improvise a Blueprint

Whether you are going to do it on a pen and paper or even on MS Paint, you may want to plan out your land. Because, for one, Minecraft does not have a map system. And two, you WILL get confused with your construction in the long run. A proper Minecraft player will whip up a layout of their buildings. Where is the main house? Where do you put the weapons? Which section is the farm? Where are you storing your items? All of these come into consideration as you keep expanding in the game.

But hey, this is just a reference guide, not a Minecraft bible. And if you want to play Minecraft for free on PC, make sure to check it out now.

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