Bocce 3D – Online Sports Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Bocce 3D – Online Sports Game Best PC Games

Bocce 3D – Online Sports Game

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Bocce 3D – Online Sports Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Bocce 3D - Online Sports Game | Free-to-Play Bocce 3D Game on PC

If you are a fan of Bocce who does not have the spare time to play and enjoy the game outdoors, then check out the video game version of the sport. Bocce 3D – Online Sports Game, as the name suggests, is a fun and exciting straightforward video game version of Bocce. You can also get a free Bocce 3D download to enjoy it on PC too!

Play and overcome the various challenges designed to hone your Bocce skills in this game’s level-based career mode. Compete and challenge your friends, family, or even random players across the globe through the game’s online multiplayer features. If you are new to Bocce, you can check out the basic rules of the game in the app.


Get to Know the Bocce 3D Game Ball

Bocce ball traditionally uses natural soil and asphalt courts measuring 90 ft in length and 8.2 to 13.1 ft wide. The game can be played by up to 8 players divided into two competing teams. Furthermore, each team is given four Bocce balls of the same color. Also, there is a smaller white ball called “boccino” or “pallina.”


Starting a Game of Bocce

The Bocce 3D game kicks off with the “boccino” or “pallina” rolled out into the court by a randomly selected player from each team. After this, each member of the team will take turns in rolling their balls into the field. In addition, players can either hit the pallina to their advantage or hit their opponent’s ball to reposition it away from the pallina. However, players must keep in mind that hitting the side of the court will result in a dead ball. This is equal to the disqualification of that specific ball on that round.


Scoring System

As you already know, the game is a team effort and that goes for its scoring system as well. The team whose balls are closest to the “pallina” will receive all the points in the specific round. A team can score a maximum of four points on each round. Most importantly, each Bocce Ball session requires a team to score 12 points to be declared a winner.


Play the Best Bocce 3D PC Version

So if you think you got what it takes to play a session of Bocci Ball, then, try it on Bocce 3D – Online Sports Game today for free. Play with your friends or compete with otherplayers online at the comfort of your PC. Download Bocce 3D PC now!

If you want to play more ball sports games like this on PC, check out Football Star – Super Striker and Golf Clash too!

Game Download

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