Enjoy The Rush in These Fun & Free Car Games for PC

You can drive it to top speeds or you can park it on the side. And if you are feeling crazy, you can even crash it and watch it tumble across the highway. These are just some of the many things you can see when you check out these free car games. And you can get them when you go to Games.lol.

Wondering what can you expect from the free car games online for kids on Games.lol? The website offers some of the best to date. These free car games are so addictive that you will not notice you have spent hours playing them. So if you are ready for some high-octane adventure, get on to the speed challenges in these car games.

Latest Car Games

Popular Car Games

Ready for some racing challenge? Get into the wild side and experience the thrill and high-speed excitement in Race Kings. Race and drift like there is no tomorrow and become the king of the road. You can also hook up with real opponents and join the intense multiplayer races online.

Bored with races on straight roads or flat surfaces? Satisfy your need for a different kind of race like Donuts Drift! Enjoy simple game controls with more game upgrades and boost along the way! But, this game will take you back into the classics as you will play in a monochrome feature! Try this now on your PC and Download it with friends!

Want to experience what it’s like to drive in Russia? If you want to seek the thrill unlike any other, get behind the wheel in the Driving Zone: Russia. Enjoy the excitement of driving classic Russian cars displayed to you in awesome realistic detail. Get the pedal to the metal and zoom past the competition.

Best of all, you can download these free car games on your PC. You don’t need to get an emulator. You can just play it directly after getting them.