Card Evolution: TCG hyper game
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Card Evolution Game - Evolve Cards & Use Them In Card Wars

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If you are looking for a duel card game to play that’s simple and casual, then check out Card Evolution: TCG hyper game. It’s a casual card game published by Homa. It features collecting cards, evolving them, and then using them in a card battle. But this isn’t like any of the other popular duel TCG available out there. Card Evolution is a more casual game than a competitive one.

And you’ll understand this more when we discuss how to play this game. We will also look at the different features this game offers aside from the card wars and collect cards feature.

Evolve & Collect Cards in Card Evolution

The main gameplay of Card Evolution is evolving and collecting cards. You will have an album of cards that you need to fill up and many of them are acquired by evolving lower-ranked ones. And the way you’ll do that is very simple. You just have to increase the cash you have and your card will level up and evolve after getting to a certain amount. Sounds simple right? And it is. The devs made sure their game is simple but still fun and exciting to play.

You will just walk holding the card and pass by barriers to increase your cash in the game. But watch out for obstacles. Then once you reach the end the card is added to your collection. You’ll do this for a bit and then there’s one level where a card battle will commence after completing the level. It’s a simple card battle where you just put higher-leveled cards to defeat your opponent’s cards. You can see that Card Evolution offers simple gameplay.

How to Play Card Evolution

Learning how to play Card Evolution is easy. You will start the game by holding a level one card. You will just move forward and pass by the barriers that will increase your cash. Some barriers will decrease what you have, so avoid entering them. Other obstacles you’ll encounter as you walk forward include scissors or other sharp objects that will cut your cards. The gameplay in Card Evolution is similar to that of a top-down running game.

It means you just switch lanes to avoid obstacles and collect cash. As you complete a level in this game, you will also fill up a card pack. Once it’s filled, you’ll get a chance to get more cards. Once you open one, you’ll also participate in a card war using your strong cards. It’s a simple battle of who has the higher level. You just need to win the majority of the fight to win the card war in Card Evolution. See if you can collect all the cards available in the game.

Intense Card Game Features

  • A simple but fun and exciting card game
  • Collect different types of cards
  • Enjoy the fun casual card battle
  • Evolve cards to get their more powerful versions

If you enjoyed playing this casual game but still prefer the more serious dual card games, then we have the games for you. You can check out Vanguard Zero or Eternal Card Game. Both of these and more are available here in




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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