Cell Expansion Wars
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Cell Expansion Wars – Expand Your Cells in this Fun Strategy Game

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A simple but very fun and exciting strategy game you can play is Cell Expansion Wars. It’s a tower defense game where your goal is to conquer other cells while making sure that your cells won’t be taken over. It’s a simple yet challenging game to play. You need to be able to balance between attacking and defending. Just make sure your cells won’t get conquered as you conquer other cells.

It’s an exciting game that you’ll surely enjoy playing. Let’s talk more about how you’ll play Cell Expansion Wars. We will also check out the features of the game to know what you can expect.

Attack, Defend, & Heal Your Cells To Conquer Other Cells

You only have one objective in Cell Expansion Wars and that’s to conquer other cells. You’ll send your cells to try and conquer other cells. Though it sounds simple, it isn’t going to be easy. There’s going to be a certain number for your cell. And when you send them to attack, the numbers of your cell will diminish.

Your cells will go to the target cell to try and conquer it. But this leaves your cell very vulnerable to an attack. This is why a balance of attack and defense is needed. Good thing you will also have access to heals that you can use to replenish your cells or further attack enemy cells. But make sure, you use them wisely since they’re limited. At first, you won’t have trouble with the game. But as you progress in Cell Expansion Wars, you’ll see that the levels start to become harder.

How To Conquer Cells in Cell Expansion Wars

The gameplay of Cell Expansion Wars is easy and simple to learn. You just have to tap on your cell and then drag it toward the target cell. Your cell will automatically send smaller cells to attack. As mentioned earlier, your cell will have a set number, and that number diminishes as you send smaller cells to attack. This won’t be an issue in the beginning, when you’re still learning since you’ll mostly do the attacking.

But after you complete the tutorial, the real fun begins. You’ll start to encounter levels where other cells will also attack. This is where your strategy will come in. You have to know when’s the best time to focus more on attacking or defending in Cell Expansion Wars. Always cut the tube to cancel the attack on a cell and choose to transfer cells to your other cells. It can be used as a way to support in attacking or to defend. Download Cell Expansion Wars to experience a truly fun and exciting game!

Features Available in Cell Expansion Wars

  • A game with very easy controls
  • Many different levels for you to complete
  • Use attack cells for attacking and defend cells for defending and healing
  • Limited items available to help in attacking, defending, and healing cells
  • Complete achievements and climb the leaderboard

If you enjoy playing this strategy game, there are other similar games you can also try. There’s State.io where you try to conquer states this time. There are also Tactile Wars where you try to conquer territories.




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