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Trickster Arts

Hackers Game - Get Ready to Defend or Attack Virtual 3D Networks

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hackers download free
hackers download PC
hackers download PC free
hackers download full version
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Have you always been fascinated by how hackers in the movies use cyberspace to thwart enemies? Did you always want to experience hacking into the internet to take out different people across the world?

If that is the case, get ready to dive into the depths of cyberspace. Create and fortify your virtual 3D network against conspirators. Play the Hackers online game on your PC!

Be Your Enemies’ Threat in Hackers Online Game

Get ready for a thrilling video game adaptation in Hackers, a game developed and published by Trickster Arts. In this exciting game, you will have to make use of different methods that cyberpunks do to delve into the dark web. Among these are dark and mystified practices realistically adapted from how hackers do things in real life.

Keep at it and you will soon be on your way to being the best in the world. In the Hackers online game, your main goal is to penetrate other players’ cyberspace defense mechanisms. To do this, you need to attack a series of virtual nodes; each one possessing a specific function.

These include mining B-coins, serving as control nodes for external networks, and running firewalls. As the name implies, you will be injecting malware into each node until you infect one or more of the machine’s defenses.

Hackers Online Game Challenges Your Strategic Skills

Hackers hardly deviate from similar strategy games wherein you need to wait for a player to respond in real time. However, single attacks from random players will suddenly pop up; and if that happens, you need to respond as quickly as possible. Fret not, you can get all the resources needed to attack or defend in-game.

To do this, you need to hack into other players’ virtual networks to earn coins and upgrade your attributes. But what sets Hackers online game apart is its international ranking board. This shows who are the ultimate cyberpunks and what country has the highest hacking power overall. With that said, you need to prove your individual hacking skills by challenging different players and completing hundreds of levels.

Hackers Online Game Features

  • Use different programs and hacking strategies
  • Create your personal hacking tools and upgrade them
  • Build and improve your virtual 3D network
  • Go on different missions as an activist, terrorist, or lawman
  • Support your country in the upcoming cyberwar

So are you ready to tap into your hacking prowess? Play Hackers online game now! For more strategy games, check out our selection here in Games.lol! Download Phobies and Game of Warriors to play.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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Windows 7 or above

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