Conflict of Nations: WW3 Game
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Conflict of Nations: WW3 Game – A Realistic Strategy Wargame Online

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conflict of nations ww3 pc download
conflict of nations ww3 gameplay on pc
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Take command of your country’s armed forces throughout Conflict of Nations: WW3 Game. Become in charge of its technical advancement, economic growth, and military escalation. On the frontlines of World War 3, form alliances and engage in all-out combat to establish worldwide control.

Dominate WW3!

Humanity is once again on the verge of all-out conflict in the twenty-first century. There is a new arms race underway, and tensions are escalating. A small group of military geniuses controls the course of the entire world. So, your country is looking to you for direction during these difficult times. Will you support peaceful solutions over violent ones? Will you build solid relationships to share a prosperous future? Or is world dominance the only means to peace?

Control one of the world’s most powerful countries as you prepare to deal with the oncoming danger of World War 3. Take control of resources, form alliances, and boost your economy. To become the dominant superpower on the earth, one must invest heavily in developing terrible weapons of mass annihilation. Modern Battle Tanks lead the charge, Attack Subs scour the seas for isolated Carriers, and Ace Pilots rule the sky with Stealth Fighters. As a leader, your hand should swing toward Nuclear Launch Key. Your actions will play a major influence in shaping the new global history.

Explore Conflict of Nations WW3 Game

Conflict of Nations WW3 Game online is a strategy game that moves slowly and demands you to consider each decision before making it. To get you up to speed, we will go through the most crucial information. If you are a beginner, the game can be highly overwhelming for you but by learning the mechanics, you will surely get used to it.

The trophy icon in the screen’s top right-hand corner indicates that the main goal is to accumulate sufficient victory points to achieve triumph. Every time you conquer a city, you earn victory points.

There will be a number in parenthesis next to the name of each city on the map. This figure indicates how many victory points you receive for capturing that city. The population of a city closely relates to its victory points. Greater value will be assigned to densely inhabited cities, while lesser value will be given to less densely populated cities. You must venture out and conquer as many towns as you can to win the game. What exactly it implies is a protracted series of defensive and offensive choices that will determine how the game unfolds.

Unlock the Following Game Features:

  • Meet and engage with hundreds of players from across the globe
  • A plethora of maps and scenarios to explore
  • Real-world-inspired military gear and tech
  • Over 350 types of units to unlock
  • Conquer many cities to earn more victory points

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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