Crisis Action: NEW PVE
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Crisis Action Game - Play it For Free on PC

crisisaction arnold holding machinegun
crisisaction characters and skins
crisisaction heavy weapons
crisisaction zombie apocalypse
crisisaction arnold holding machinegun
crisisaction characters and skins
crisisaction heavy weapons
crisisaction zombie apocalypse

If you are a fan of competitive online shooters, then Crisis Action is a game you should check out. Engage in an action-packed multiplayer gaming experience in a plethora of modes. Play with your friends or challenge them to intense PVP combat straight from your computer. Dominate and become the king of Crisis Action: New PVE today!

What is a Crisis Action Game?

Crisis Action is a freemium multiplayer FPS online game developed and published by HK Hero Entertainment Co in 2015. One of the main selling points of this game is the multiple online multiplayer game modes built into its core. Set in an urban environment, Crisis Action aims to take the PVP and PVE experience to the next level through its expansive mash-up of features and elements.

Players in the game can collect various types of weapons, employ the help of pets, earn exclusive rewards, and access the new Battle Pass T-1 to win free bonuses. Some of the most iconic modes in the game include Tactic Mode, which requires special tactical skills to fight. Doodle Fight Mode involves capturing territories through spray painting.

Mech Mode involves mech operation, and the new PVE mode promotes coop battles against the game’s AI. In addition, the game also receives new modes regularly. The latest mode brought by the newest update is the Air raid, which employs helicopters and Gravity Zero that features a gravity-free battlefield.

Since its official launch, Crisis Action has been the playground of millions of competitive online players across the globe. Players point to the game’s vast features, high definition graphics, and well-balanced gameplay as some of its best attributes. The great news is that you can now play this highly competitive and immersive game free on your PC.

How to Play Crisis Action on PC?

To play Crisis Action on your computer, you need to install the version featured on this page. You can do that by following the simple download instructions provided. A thumbnail icon of the game will appear on your desktop after the download. Clicking on the thumbnail icon will allow you to open the game.

With that said, Crisis Action will take you straight to the tutorial when you open the application. The tutorial will teach you the basic controls and mechanics of the game. You can freely navigate the rest of the game once you complete the tutorial. Easy right? So what are you waiting for? Download and play Crisis Action free on your PC today!

Crisis Action: New PVE Features:

  • Multiple game modes to explore
  • Balanced gameplay structure
  • A plethora of weapons to collect
  • Solid battle pass mechanics
  • Regular and seasonal events

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