D4DJ Groovy Mix
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D4DJ Groovy Mix – Enjoy the DJ-Themed Anime Rhythm Game

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groovy mix pc download
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Begin your challenging but an awesome journey to becoming a DJ in D4DJ Groovy Mix. It’s an arcade music game with a bit of role-playing and simulation game elements. Recruit characters and assemble a unit of performers to help you perform. Achieve a high score with your team when playing the rhythm part of the game. It’s a fun and interesting game that you will surely enjoy.

Let’s look at in more detail the gameplay of D4DJ Groovy Mix to know how the game works as well as the features you can enjoy from the game.

Become the Best DJ & Play Cover or Original Songs

You will only have one goal in D4DJ Groovy Mix and that’s to be the best DJ. Recruit characters in your team if you want to provide great music during performances. Maximize your performance by using many different music tracks. You can also choose to cover songs and add your flare to some of the great hits. Show your musical prowess as you play original songs and create your authentic hits.

D4DJ Groovy Mix helps you practice your DJ skills in the rhythm gameplay it provides. But aside from that, it also features RPG and simulation elements so you’ll surely enjoy the game. Try your best to recruit characters and form hype DJ units. Develop these characters to increase their stats and help them perform better and get high scores during performances. What’s interesting is you can also discover and play each character’s story.

Perform with the Best Hype DJ Unit in D4DJ Groovy Mix

A big part of D4DJ Groovy Mix’s gameplay is the rhythm game. It’s like the battle sequence in an RPG, except here you’ll perform and apply your DJ skills to songs. The goal of each performance is to achieve a high score. To obtain high scores, you should get a perfect click on every performance. You’ll also need a good hype DJ unit assisting you in making sweet and perfect scores. These units have skills and abilities that can give you bonuses and multipliers depending on your performance.

Performing with your units also improves your relationship with them and will enhance their performances whenever you play the rhythm game. D4DJ Groovy Mix has many different characters for you to summon using the gacha system. You can also play different game modes like Live Performances, Timed Events, and so on.

What To Expect from D4DJ Groovy Mix

  • Obtain characters from DJ units Happy Around!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, RONDO, and Lyrical Lily!
  • Choose from many different songs to play
  • Enjoy different game modes to play
  • Customize the rhythm gameplay to your preference
  • Recruit good hype DJ units

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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OpenGL 2.0+ support

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