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Disney Twisted Wonderland – Find Ways To Go Home While Being A Student

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What will you do if you have to attend a school full of villains? This is the world you’ll have to deal with when you play Disney-Twisted Wonderland. It’s a casual RPG where you play as a character that was summoned to another world. In that world, the school headmaster called Night Ravens College takes you in. With nowhere else to go, you accept the offer and try to acquaint yourself with this mysterious school while trying to find ways to go home.

But doing that won’t be easy as you also have to deal with the students in the school who are the twisted versions of Disney villains. However, you will not fight against them, instead, you’ll try to recruit them to help you. Let’s talk about further its gameplay as well as the features of Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

Recruit Twisted Villains While Trying To Go Home

You need to find ways to go back home to your world when you play Disney Twisted-Wonderland. But doing that won’t be easy, as the school is as mysterious as how you got there. It will be difficult to navigate through it and find ways to go home. This is why you’ll need the help of the characters in the game. But since they’re twisted versions of Disney villains, getting them to work together harmoniously will be a chore.

You will find the characters interesting because their appearance doesn’t stray too far from the original villains they’re twisted from. One example is Malleus Draconia, a twisted version of Maleficent, who belongs to the house of Diasmonia. This is the house where twisted characters from Sleeping Beauty belong. There’s also Vil Schoenheit from house Pomefiore, who is a twisted version of the evil witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Each of these characters is unique and can help you in your quest.

Getting Started with the Disney Twisted-Wonderland

The Disney Twisted-Wonderland game has a basic gameplay that’s simple to learn. There’s the gacha system, which is what you’ll do to acquire villains. You will also get engaged in a battle where you can choose which characters can help you. But aside from that, the three main elements that the game will revolve around are the Lessons, Stories, and Tests.

Your characters will develop and get stronger as they attend lessons. By taking the tests, it will let you see how strong they’ve become. The game also has a compelling storyline that you’ll play through. Progressing in the story means you’re closer to your goal of finding a way home.

Best Game Features Available

  • Many different characters across 7 houses for you to collect
  • Strengthen your characters by making them attend lessons
  • Test their strengths through exams
  • Progress through the storyline and find your way home
  • Meet and recruit several twisted Disney characters

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