Duke Dashington Remastered
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3.6 ★★
Adventure Islands

Duke Dashington - Save the Treasure Before the Dungeon Collapses

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Do you like exploring dungeons and overcoming whatever obstacles and traps you face? Do you want to become a treasure hunter? Then you will enjoy playing Duke Dashington Remaster by Adventure Islands. It’s an adventure platformer where you play Duke Dashington, the bumbling adventurer. He has a unique objective and that is to retrieve treasures from dungeons that are already on the verge of collapse. Therefore, you need to move quickly while inside or you’ll get caught in the collapse.

What makes Duke Dashington fun and exciting is its weird preference. So let’s talk about what you need to do in this game as well as the features that Duke Dashington Remaster offers.

Retrieve Treasures Quickly While Avoiding Traps

The main objective in Duke Dashington Remaster is to retrieve all of the treasure before the dungeon collapses. It’s a simple objective but it won’t be easy to pull off. One of the reasons is that you’ll be under time pressure. At each level you only have ten seconds to get out, so you need to move fast. Fortunately, Duke Dashington moves quickly but his movements are also something you have to deal with.

Duke Dashington doesn’t move like a normal person since he is always dashing. It will require a bit of timing, which you’ll learn more about later on. Lastly, levels will have traps and obstacles you need to overcome. You can see that retrieving the treasure in Duke Dashington Remaster is not something you can easily do. But knowing how to control Duke Dashington can help, so let’s talk about the controls and gameplay in the next section.

Mastering the Controls of Duke Dashington

Duke Dashington is not your typical character that moves normally. Instead of just walking or running, he dashes forward and will continue until he hits a wall or object. It’s why it’s difficult to control Duke Dashington because of how he moves. He does the same when you jump in and he’ll continue until you hit a ceiling or object. But you can make the adventurer stop as he ascends while jumping by making him dash in mid-air.

The first few levels of the game will act as your tutorial since they’re easy levels. It will give a feel on how you can use Duke Dashington’s unique moves to get him to the next level. The challenging and fun part comes when traps and other obstacles are present. Proper timing and quick movements are needed here. Don’t worry about dying in Duke Dashing Remaster because the adventurer has unlimited continues. So, you can keep trying until you find a way to get past the level within the time limit.

Duke Dashington Remaster Adventure Features to Check Out

  • Five different dungeons to explore
  • A total of 150 rooms for you to solve and escape from
  • Unique dashing control that’s easy to learn
  • Acquire achievements and climb the leaderboard

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