Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG
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Empires & Puzzles PC - Go On A Quest To Defeat The Dark Lord

how to play empires and puzzles on pc
empires and puzzles download full PC version
empires and puzzles download PC free
empires and puzzles download PC
how to play empires and puzzles on pc
empires and puzzles download full PC version
empires and puzzles download PC free
empires and puzzles download PC

Play Empires & Puzzles on PC and embark on a fun and epic adventure. It’s a role-playing match-3 puzzle game published by Zynga. The Dark Lord had just captured the royal guard except for one. It’s up to you now to rescue them and defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. You’ll go on an epic quest and battle numerous powerful monsters to accomplish this journey.

What’s interesting here is that the game also features base-building elements and PVP duels. It’s an awesome game that you’ll surely enjoy. Let’s discuss in more detail the gameplay of Empires & Puzzles, as well as the other features it provides.

Play Match-3 Puzzle & Defeat Monsters

A big part of the gameplay is the battle. You will constantly find yourself engaged in a battle against various monsters to advance the game’s storyline. What’s unique with this puzzle RPG is that the battle sequence uses a match-3 puzzle instead of the typical RPG battle. You match at least three similar puzzle pieces on the board for you to attack the enemies in front of you. Empires & Puzzles currently has three worlds for you to explore and complete.

Each one provides a new story and many different monsters to defeat. Empires & Puzzles also features many powerful heroes to recruit and develop in the game. See if you can complete the hero cards collection in the game. Aside from the RPG and puzzle gameplay, the game also features a base-building element. You will restore a castle that will act as your base of operations. You’ll have various buildings to put up and upgrade to improve their function. There’s also a PVP duel where you get rewards for raiding other players’ castles.

How to Play Empires & Puzzles on PC

Empire & Puzzles is not a hard game to play. It looks like it’s a bit overwhelming because of the things you need to remember and do, but it isn’t. There will be a tutorial at the beginning of Empire & Puzzles. It will not only teach you the battle system where you play the match-3 puzzle, but also how to build your base, recruit heroes, and train units.

You will also learn about the PVP duel. It’s where you’ll try to raid an opposing team’s castle. The duel in Empires & Puzzles is also a good way to test how strong your team of heroes is. You will have many different heroes to summon and develop but you can only use five at a time.

Empires & Puzzles Game Features to Explore

  • Acquire different heroes and complete the hero cards collection
  • Explore three different worlds and battle various monsters
  • Raid other players’ castles and get awesome rewards
  • Join alliances and play with like-minded players

If you’re a fan of this type of RPG where match-3 puzzle game elements are also incorporated into the game’s gameplay, then check out these games. There’s Puzzle And Conquest or Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle. Both are fun RPGs that also use match-3 puzzles for their battle gameplay. Get them here in Games.lol now.





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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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