Match Land: Puzzle RPG
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Race Cat

Match Land Puzzle RPG - Beat & Capture Blobs For Your Business

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Do you think it was difficult to run a food shop during the medieval age while using blobs as your main ingredient? Why don’t you find out and play Match Land Puzzle RPG by Race Cat? It’s a puzzle RPG where you play the role of a merchant who runs a successful shop. What’s unique about your store is you use blob as your main ingredient. Therefore, you’ll have to beat and capture them constantly, so you’ll have ingredients for your shop.

Fortunately, you have heroes that will do the fighting for you in Match Land. But they will still need your help by playing the match-3 puzzle. We’ll talk more about these things, as we discuss the gameplay of Match Land PC. We’ll also look at the features this game has to offer.

Play Match-3 Puzzle To Defeat Blobs in Match Land PC

You will need lots of blobs to open your store and earn money in Match Land Puzzle RPG. It means a big aspect of this RPG is battling and defeating blobs. The battle sequence in this game will be different from the usual RPG battles. It’s because the match-3 puzzle is used for battling in Match Land Puzzle RPG. You get to match at least-3 similar puzzle pieces so your heroes can deal damage to blobs.

But there is a certain twist in how battles are done in this Match Land. You will learn more about it in the next section. We will discuss in more detail how this puzzle RPG is played.

Getting Started After You Download Match Land Puzzle RPG

Download Match Land PC and discover its fun gameplay. There will be a tutorial, in the beginning, to guide you through the basic gameplay. Most of the gameplay in Match Land will revolve around the battle sequence. For the shop, you just click ready once you have enough blob. You just wait for the countdown to finish to collect your money and close up shop. You will open it again once you have enough blob.

It’s why a big part of the Match Land Puzzle RPG gameplay is about battling and capturing blobs. During the battle, you will first have to play the match-3 puzzle so your heroes can attack. What’s different with the match-3 puzzle here is that you’ll have a short timer to match all the available combinations you see. Once the timer runs out, all combinations you matched will be used for your heroes’ attacks.

It’s like stacking available damage first and then unleashing that on your enemies. So, if you’re only able to match one combination, then don’t expect your damage to be high. If you match plenty, then you’ll have high damage for that turn. You can upgrade your heroes in Match Land and enemies also become stronger as you progress.

Exciting Puzzle RPG Features to Experience

  • Unlock and upgrade more than 30 fantasy food shops
  • Over 700 levels to battle through 70 legendary bosses to defeat
  • Make multiple combinations to deal more damage
  • Acquire and upgrade 60 powerful heroes and form a strong team

If you’re a fan of puzzle RPGs with a match-3 puzzle gameplay, then try playing Lightslinger Heroes Puzzle RPG or Gems of War Match 3 RPG. Both games incorporate match-3 puzzle gameplay in the RPGs battle system. These are available here in now!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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