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About this Game

Have you ever wondered who would win in a battle between 10 sword-wielding warriors and 3 archers? How about a fight between 4 giants and 12 axes using barbarians? Well, wonder no more since this game will let you find out who would win. The game is called Epic Battle Simulator, an action simulation strategy game where you can simulate epic battles and find out who would win in a hypothetical match up. But, why should you download and play Epic Battle Simulator? What features does it have that makes it an enticing game to play? Let’s find out here in this post below.

Different Epic Battle Game Modes

One of the main features of the game is that it has 3 game modes to play. Levels, Custom and Online. Levels are the classic game where you have a certain amount of gold given per level that you use to purchase soldiers and battle against the AI. Custom is where you can simulate certain battles to see who will win. While, Online is the mode where you battle against other players from all over the world.

Multiple Troops & Army to Choose From the Game

Another feature is that it offers many different troops you can use for your battle simulation. There are archers, swordsmen, samurai, commandos, catapult, barbarian cavalry, giants, and many more. You can simulate different battle scenarios and see which among them is better. The game even has epic soldiers that you just need to unlock so you can use them.

Looking at the features, you can see that this match is a very fun game to play. But, you know what would make it even more fun to play? If you play it on a PC. This will not only enable you to play on a bigger screen but perform better gameplay as well. If you’ve got some free time now, downloading the game on this page would be the best.

There are only a few and easy steps for you to accomplish the installation process. Once everything is set you are good to go to enjoy it all day. Check out this match and invite your friends as well for more fun! Also, get ready to play Epic Battle Simulator PC download or search for more casual games? Give Big Hunter and Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens a try now!

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