Epic Battle Simulator
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Epic Battle Simulator PC - Navigate the Battlefield With Your Troops

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Being on the battlefield requires a smart strategy to have an advantage over your enemies. If you love battles where you can implement strategy, try playing Epic Battle Simulator. This strategy game will immerse you in the strategic part of open battles. You will consider your role seriously as you orchestrate each of your army’s functions on the battlefield. To taste the positioning tactics on your PC, download Epic Battle Simulator today!

Orchestrate Your Troops in Epic Battle Simulator

Epic Battle Simulator is a battle simulation game that brings the art of positioning strategy in battles. The game reveals chess-like features you can test and even improvise as you gain familiarity. One of them is putting pieces into their position to gain leverage in open battles. These pieces are your troops, each has a role that determines their actions on the battlefield. You can plan how to navigate this battlefield as you play because it looks like a map.

Utilizing the space on the battlefield can make your troops leverage or lose each battle. Remember that each role of your troop has its weapon to use in interactive battles. It can be swords, shields, and spears that can affect your strategy as you craft it. Plan the position of your troops carefully to gain leverage over your enemies. Take advantage of the game’s strategic features whether it’s Test Battle or provided levels.

Conquer the Battlefield With Your Strategy

Epic Battle Simulator is free to download on your PC and it offers a simplified version of the battle simulator. What makes it simple is its features of chess-like mechanics as mentioned before. You can choose between two thrilling game types where you can either make your test battles or already-created levels. It’s always based on your own decision, plus the action is fast-paced!

In level mode, you must carefully choose and position your troops on the map using the provided gold. Craft your strategy to outwit your adversary and arrange your forces in the most advantageous positions to win. Both your army and the enemy’s army are completely under your control in test battle simulator mode. Then, when the battle simulator realistically executes your tactical decisions, arrange them on the battlefield as you see fit.

Moreover, many different types of armies are available in Epic Battle Simulator. They include warriors armed with swords, shields, spears, hammers, arrows, cannons, firearms, and many others. You can add even more troops to your army as you advance through the levels or design your battles. Just be responsible enough in assembling your troops and selecting your best strategy.

Epic Battle Simulator Game Features

  • Engage in interactive strategic battles on your PC
  • Choose between 2 thrilling game types
  • Play through already-created levels in level mode
  • Orchestrate the gameplay freely with test battle mode
  • Strategize your troop’s position on the battlefield
  • Employ several types of armies in fast-paced battles
  • A simplistic yet immersive game graphics

Download and play Epic Battle Simulator on your PC today. For more strategy games to enjoy on your PC, try Tactile Wars and Blaze of Battle.




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