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Escape The Prison Adventure: Solve Puzzles To Earn Freedom

Puzzle games will always be a part of anyone’s gaming experience. However, when it comes to puzzle games, there are more than just the classic puzzle games that you know. Some games will have you guessing what items you need to accomplish missions. You may also need to find those items to beat the levels.

One such exciting puzzle game is Escape the prison adventure play from Rabbit Bay Games. What’s better is you can download the free Escape the prison adventure PC game here! To make sure that you get the best gaming experience, learn about the game’s cool and unique features first.

Not Your Ordinary Puzzle Game

Undoubtedly, the Escape the prison adventure game is a game full of hidden surprises — literally. In this puzzle game, you will play as a prisoner. As one, your ultimate mission is to escape from the prison you’re in. Of course, nothing is that easy in this game. You need to be prepared to solve the puzzle presented in an escape room style. This means you have to look for items and clues that will help you get you through gates.

As a prisoner, you will naturally be under close surveillance. So, you have to be wise enough to outwit the guards. You should also be careful not to get caught.

Search for Hidden Clues

Also, as you go through the Escape the prison adventure play, you need to look around your cell very carefully. You have to watch out for clues. Also, you need to look for objects that can help you escape. You can use them as they are or combine them with other objects.

When you get the free Escape the prison adventure download, you will also find yourself searching for hidden passwords and codes. These are meant to be used on computers that control the gates. Now, it’s not just the guards you have to take care of. Your fellow prisoners may have something in store for you. They can give you assistance if you will figure out what they want as well.

Escape the Prison Adventure Play on Your PC!

Aren’t you excited yet? Truly, one of the best things about this game is that you can get Escape the prison adventure download PC game for free! Get it now and start solving your way out of prison!

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Escapetheprison accomplishing
Escapetheprison escape place
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Escapetheprison accomplishing
Escapetheprison escape place
Escapetheprison prisoners talk
Escapetheprison waiting to move




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