Exploration Craft 3D
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Exploration Craft 3D: Build An Entire World of Blocks

exploration craft 3d download free
exploration craft 3d download full version
exploration craft 3d download PC free
exploration craft 3d download PC
exploration craft 3d download free
exploration craft 3d download full version
exploration craft 3d download PC free
exploration craft 3d download PC

Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? An open-world adventure game where you get to build and craft things? Well, you will definitely love playing this game then. It’s called Exploration Craft 3D, another adventure title that’s published by Smartties. It’s an open block world game where you will have the freedom to build things from scratch.

You can craft using the various blocks and materials at your disposal. You can also choose to craft premade structures and buildings to make it easier. It’s a fun open-world game that will allow you to explore and build to your heart’s content. Let’s discuss in the next section how you can properly play Exploration Craft 3D.

Shape The World You Always Wanted

When you first play, you will have to select which character you will use in the game. Once done, you will enter the world of Exploration Craft. It’s basically an island with trees, mountains, lakes, and animals. Your first adventure takes you to a tutorial where you’ll learn the controls.

It will also teach you how to place blocks, as well as destroy them. After that, you get to experience crafting ready-made items. Your first crafting experience is a table and shelter.. After that, you will have free reign over what you want to do. You can continue to craft pre-made structures to earn experience and gold. Keep in mind that you use diamonds when crafting, so be wary of spending them all. But you can earn them back by completing quests.

Fulfill Thrilling Quests To Level Up

The quests are simple and easy to achieve. Aside from building structures, you can ride animals. You will start with a pig since it’s the only animal you can use at the beginning. But once you have enough gold, you can acquire dragons to allow you to fly. Flight will be important because there are floating islands on Exploration Craft. If you prefer a more adventurous game, you can try playing survival mode.

In that mode, you will be armed with nothing and you will have to deal with enemy zombies. You can still fight back, as you just have to tap on to them to attack, but watch your health. Replenish them by eating food, which you can acquire from zombies and animals. To get materials you can use for crafting, you will have to destroy your surroundings.

Exploration Craft 3D Main Features

  • Open world block game
  • Two game modes available for you to play
  • Easy and simple gameplay
  • Craft and explore to your heart’s content

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