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Who said fishing is boring? Video game versions of fishing are never dull at all! Here at we got you the best of fishing games for free on PC!

A lot of people see fishing as a sort of boring old game that only grown-ups will ever appreciate. Well, we’re here to tell you that whoever told you so is as wrong as pineapples on pizza. Fishing games ARE fun and we wouldn’t be putting that category in if it wasn’t!

Fishing games for kids are extra special. There are also toddler fishing games that make small kids exercise their psychomotor skills.

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Video games are always designed to be more exciting and less-than-realistic from the actual renditions in real life and so here we have the best free fishing games just in store for you! We got all kinds of the genre from simulators to casually tossing bait into the water. These are the type of games that has you laying back and relax while pulling yourself some virtual sea creatures. Or if you want to live the alternate universe, you can even become the fish yourself and either befriend others in the underwater habitat or eat them because you’re just hungry.

Whether it’s about fishing in a lake, taking care of pet fishes in an aquarium or even become the fish itself preying on unsuspecting humans by the shore, has enough fishing games free to spoil you to the point where you might not want to go to your river and bait some fish!


Top 3 Fishing Games We Recommend


A Girl Adrift

Hungry Shark Evolution

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, A Girl Adrift is a unique combination that is done in a way where darkness and hopelessness are met with a wonderful and wholesome theme that, when combined, becomes into a beautiful game with a gripping story.

You play as an unnamed girl who doesn’t seem to find anywhere else on foot but on the only raft, she floats on. Of course, you must feed yourself in a vast world where the whole planet has already been submerged by water. Its fishing gameplay is simple as all you need is a few taps and holds to catch a fish. Once you become better at fishing as well as acquiring stronger lines, you’ll be able to catch large and magnificent kinds of fish across the sea!

With nowhere else to go and no clue as to what your real purpose is, discover everything about the world before it sunk into the deep waters by discovering junk while fishing and meeting unusual folks and creatures. Perhaps the best part in the game is the sound and music. The sound of the sea alone can help you relax while the calm tunes at night give a lot of emotion to the game.


Hungry Shark Evolution

hungry shark world free pc download

Who said fishing games was just all about catching fish? Welcome to Hungry Shark Evolution, where you get to play as the most ferocious fish in the sea. Why wait for fish when you can just rush in and eat them instead? As a giant shark, your task is to anything and anyone you see on screen whether it’s a school of fish, a walking crab by sandy shores or better yet, humans who don’t expect a giant shark to eat them alive.

Play whatever kind of shark you’d like from the classic mako shark to the unstoppable great white shark! Want to get more ridiculous? Why don’t you play as a robot shark…with laser beams! Yes, you read that right – frigging laser beams. The more you eat, the bigger you become. And the bigger you become the larger creatures you can eat. Ever wanted to battle a giant octopus and see who really is the bigger bad-ass? You can do so here! Want to eat a stunt-driven wakeboarder? You can jump out of the water and catch him mid-air! Play this award-winning predator game right now and see why millions of players have been hooked by its addictive and fulfilling gameplay.



Hungry Shark Evolution

If you need to play something very wholesome, we recommend you try out Fishdom – a game that combines both block puzzle games and pet simulations. In Fishdom, you get to have a whole aquarium where you get to put different kinds of fishes as well as other sea creatures like turtles, starfishes and seahorses.

It’s very relaxing to have your very own virtual aquarium where all your underwater buddies reside but you’ll have to need some money to constantly get them in a happy mood. And in this game, you’re going to have to grind for that by playing through hundreds upon hundreds of block puzzle-solving levels. The puzzles alone are a lot of fun and are always full of surprises whenever you want to boot up a brand-new level. As you progress, the stages become more challenging than ever but the rewards become even bigger as time goes by.

Not only does Fishdom require you to strategize your every move in each puzzle game but it will also need you to manage your resources properly for your fishes. Will you buy them more decorations and playgrounds or will you buy them better food that lasts even longer? All these you can find out by playing the game for free!

It’s amazing that fishing games especially fishing games for kids, as well as toddler fishing games, are online. What is more fun than having these fishing games can be accessed for free, such as bass fishing games, ice fishing games, and fly fishing games?

Start your fishing adventure today with any of the games here!