Fluvsies Pocket World
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Collecting, Hatching, & Dressing Up Cute Eggs

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world filled with fun and cutesy? Then, welcome to Fluvsies Pocket World. In this casual game, you’ll take the role of a hero, and your mission is to restore the Fluvsies world and rescue the adorable pets. Here, you need to embark on exciting hero adventures, explore the world of Fluvsies, solve various puzzles, and play mini-games.

Published by TutoTOONS, the Fluvsies Pocket World Game is a casual simulation game perfect for kids and even adults. With its lively visuals and intuitive controls, you’ll surely love every detail of this game, from its story and its main gameplay. If you’re looking for a game you can play during your free time, you must not hesitate to put this casual game on your list.

Dive into the Happy Fluvsies Pocket World

Before we move into the main gameplay, let us first figure out the story behind this casual game. The Fluvsies Pocket World is renowned for being a happy mini-world until one day, a group of bad guys abducted the extraordinary Fluvsies egg.

Luckily, the rainbow unicorn cat Fluvsie found a way to escape. To save the special Fluvsies eggs, a hero is set to rescue those eggs and rebuild the mini-world. And that hero is you. To start saving the adorable surprise eggs, you need to explore the entire Fluvsies Pocket World and find ways to rescue the 31 eggs.

Additionally, you need to bring these eggs to their rightful place and help them hatch. It is also your job to feed the hatched eggs delicious treats. In Fluvsies Pocket World, you can have a chance to obtain pets in the form of a tiger, panda, cactus, and more. You can also dress up these pets with the lovable clothes available. There is a massive variety of costumes, dresses, and even accessories you can try on your pets.

Explore & Rebuild the Fluvsies Pocket World

What is more impressive about Fluvsies Pocket World is that it takes you on various adventures. Here, you can be set in various places from Oceans, Ice, Desert, Jungle to Fairytale islands. Apart from saving the rare Fluvsies eggs, it is also part of your mission to redecorate the Fluvsies World by planting new plants, adding mini-houses, putting some lovely decorations, etc. As a hero, it is also your task to make the Fluvsies World safe and beautiful.

Another fantastic feature of this casual game is you can play various mini-games with your pets. Usually, these games require you to unleash your brain skills. Here, you can play games that include finding the items stolen by the bad guys, rescuing tiny goldfish, exploring strange temples, and many more.

Endearing Fluvsies Pocket World Game Features

  • An entertaining casual game
  • Excellent graphics and easy controls
  • Be a hero and rescue 31 eggs
  • Hatch, feed and dress up your Fluvsies pets
  • Rebuild the world of Fluvsies
  • Play various mini-games offered

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