Gibbets-Bow Master Arrow games
gibbets bow master download free pc gibbets bow master free full version
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Gibbets Game: Play This Bow & Arrow Game Today

Gibbets Bow Master download full version
Gibbets Bow Master download free
Gibbets Bow Master PC free - games like angry birds
Gibbets Bow Master download PC
Gibbets Bow Master download full version
Gibbets Bow Master download free
Gibbets Bow Master PC free - games like angry birds
Gibbets Bow Master download PC

Puzzle arcade games can make you forget about time since you will be in deep thought throughout. Gibbets: Bow Master is one of these arcade games that will challenge your mind. Find out what this exciting game is about.

Test Your Rescuing Skills

The Gibbets game by HeroCraft Ltd. is one of the arrow games that put your lifesaving skills to the test. Your main goal is to save all the hangmen in each stage. The game employs a simple concept. However, it can be very intense, especially when you factor in the science and math that has been put into this game. Considering the time constraint, angles, and tight areas that you have to go through to save the hangmen will keep you on your toes the whole game.

Come and join the fun by downloading Gibbets – Bow Master on your PC today!

How to Play Gibbets PC

The focus of Gibbets PC is for you to cut off the ropes to release the hangmen. You are free to target anywhere on the screen. Additionally, you have the choice of how much power will be used to shoot the arrow. This is where the challenge comes in because the arrow will not fly straight the whole time and may begin its descent depending on how much power you used.

Do not aim carelessly as you may hit obstructions between you and your target or even hit a hangman by accident. Killing off just one hangman will end the current game, and you will restart back to the beginning of the stage.

Other than just saving the hangmen, you have another goal, which is to complete challenges for each stage. Accomplishing these challenges will award you with stars. In addition, you should also try to get all the stars scattered around the area. You can do that by shooting directly at them. Getting as many stars as you can is very important since these will be used to upgrade some of the attributes you will need in the game. You can find these upgrades in the Shop.

Focus on upgrading the Arrow Resistance, Aim, and Health as these have an actual in-game impact. Though accomplishing the challenges is important, you must remember that your main focus should still be on saving all hangmen first. This is mainly for you to unlock new stages. You can focus on finishing the challenges after you have saved the hangmen.

Move fast to save the hangmen to give you enough time to complete the challenges. Since there will be no limit in the number of arrows you can fire, try out various angles and remember which were successful, even if your hangmen die and you restart back to the beginning of the stage. As you learn where to aim and how strong you will need to shoot the arrow, you will eventually finish the stage. Remember, don’t lose your patience since this is normal for strategy puzzle games.

Exciting Game Features to Explore

  • Colorful and unique graphics and sound effects
  • Experience different and fun bow games modes with friends and family
  • Easy controls and gets challenging as you progress
  • Customize your character’s hats and shirts from the store
  • Free to play

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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