Girls X Battle 2
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Girls X Battle 2: The Idle RPG For Anime Fans

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Role-playing games are usually fun and entertaining to play. It usually comes with great storylines, awesome battles, and amazing characters to collect and use in the game. But then if you’re looking for a unique RPG game, then why don’t you try playing Girls X Battle 2. It’s an adventure RPG that’s published by Carolgames. But what’s unique about it is that it’s also an idle game. By idle meaning, you can progress in the game by giving minimal effort.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t do anything in this game. There are still many things in Girls X Battle 2 that will require your attention and dedication. To help you see the things you need to do, let’s discuss in the next section how to play it.

Playing Girls X Battle 2 For The First Time

If you’ve played RPGs before, then you will be surprised when you play Girls X Battle 2. This is because it doesn’t begin with the usual introduction. Many RPGs would usually have a cinematic and then put players on a battle sequence. This is to introduce players to the battle system of the game and the story.

But none of these will happen on this idle RPG. Instead, you will begin the game learning about the summoning functions and then getting your first 2 servants. After that, you begin your first battle, where you will learn the basics of how it goes. You will learn about the factions and how they play a role during the battle. After the fight, you will also learn about leveling up your girls and making them stronger.

You can use weapons and gear to further strengthen their stats. The tutorial will continue, teaching you about auto-battle, purchasing items, collecting rewards, and so on. But like with many RPGs, a big part of this game will revolve around collecting servants. Despite being an idle game, there are still many things you will need to do here. Leveling up and developing your servants will still fall on your hands.

Of course, there’s also the story that the Girls X Battle 2 has. You also have to take control of it since it’s not done automatically. It’s a great game with awesome gameplay.

The Features of This Anime Idle RPG

  • Many different servants to collect
  • Use auto-battle to progress easily during the campaign
  • Employ tactics and formations to win battles
  • Optimized for free PC gameplay

If you enjoy playing role-playing games like this one, try playing Goddess Mua or Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Both are great RPGs that you can download and play for free using our client. Play on PC now for the ultimate gaming experience.




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