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Goddess Kiss: O V E – Have Fun Playing This Awesome RPG

goddess kiss ove download PC
goddess kiss ove download PC free
goddess kiss ove download full version
goddess kiss ove download free
goddess kiss ove download PC
goddess kiss ove download PC free
goddess kiss ove download full version
goddess kiss ove download free

One of the things that many people enjoy about RPGs is the cool and awesome characters that you can play with. If this is also what you enjoy with RPGs, then you will like playing Goddess Kiss: O.V.E. It’s an action role-playing game where you get to collect cute anime-like girls and then use them in a battle to protect the world.

There are hundreds of different anime-like characters, called Oves, for you to collect and use in battle. Each one of them is unique and will have unique skills and abilities. Doing well in battle will be greatly determined by the Oves that are in your team.

How To Play This RPG From FLERO Games

Like many RPGs, the game usually starts with a short story and then a tutorial. Goddess Kiss is no different as you begin with a cute anime-like girl talking to you and calling you captain. You get to interact with her, providing some dialogues to have a conversation. After that, you will immediately go into battle. But it won’t be against enemies, it would be against a rampaging Ove.

The battles are done automatically, as your Ove will be attacking automatically. But you won’t completely be a spectator here. You will also participate in the form of activating your Oves’ special abilities. Once the ability is charged, just tap into Ove’s image and she will perform her special move. It can be a devastating attack, healing teammates, or an ability to protect other teammates. After the battle, you will have your first recruitment.

Recruit More Oves To Play in Your Team

Your team must be composed of 5 Oves and you need to make sure to assemble the best ones to have an easier time winning the battles. There are more than 100 Oves to collect, each one having unique abilities and skills. All characters will also be placed under certain elements and each element will have advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure to assemble a balanced team.

You can also equip Oves with weapons and gears to further strengthen them. Goddess Kiss also has other game modes for you to enjoy. The main one, of course, is the campaign mode, where you can progress the game’s story. But there’s also the Defense Mode, Boss Dungeon,

Game Features

  • Collect cute anime-like girls and use them in battle
  • Enjoy playing various game modes
  • Be amazed at the spectacular battle effects

If you enjoy playing role-playing games like this one, then you can also try playing The Labyrinth of Ragnarok or Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. These are also fun and entertaining RPGs that also feature character collecting.




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