High School Story 
high school story prom night highschool story campus

High School Story Game: Live Your Best Campus Life

high school campus story
high school story dress up
high school story homecoming
high school story matchmakers
high school story throw parties
high school campus story
high school story dress up
high school story homecoming
high school story matchmakers
high school story throw parties

High School is one of the most memorable times in almost everyone’s life. This is where you get to explore the world with your young and naive mind. You are thrown into reality, and you slowly learn how to become a responsible adult. Overall, High School is a huge part of our lives that could shape who we are when we grow up. So why not recreate that life with High School Story Online?

High School Story on PC is a simulation game by Pixelberry that revolves around your character. This free game lets you make friends with other students on campus. Play and create stories that will make your High School life memorable. Shape your tale however you want both in-and-out of the school.

Start Your Campus Journey The Right Way

Choose a character and create unforgettable stories that will complete your dream high school life. In this game, you get to attend proms with your crush, make friends with your popular classmates, and so much more! You can even host parties by making the right choices. You have full control of how you want your story to play out!Play High School Story online now and live the life you always wanted during your high school years. Your story, your choices.

Downloading The Simulator Game on PC

High School Story on PC is a pretty typical game that lets you create your own story by making choices. Everything is based on your decision– you’re at the driver’s seat of destiny. The game is divided into 15 different chapters. Each chapter has different settings and choices to complete the storyline. But before all that, you need to create your character from choosing the gender up to your personality.

After setting up your avatar, you can now start with Chapter 1, the first day of school. Chapter 2 is about going to a party. And so on. All you need is to read the situation and select the choice you want to follow.

The Game’s Amazing PC Features

  • Meet new people on your first day of school.
  • Make friends with your unique classmates.
  • Date your crush and help your BFFs find romance.
  • Explore different events like Homecoming and Parties.
  • Customize your character!
  • Play the fun and exciting mini-games.
  • New stories every week!

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Minimum System Requirements

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