SAKURA School Simulator
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SAKURA School Simulator: Live an Outrageous Academic Life

Our high school years are one of the most exciting and memorable experiences in our life. This is where we grew up, started our adult responsibilities, and many more. Most of us would have experienced first love in high school. So if you ever want to relive your high school life, then the SAKURA school simulator game can fulfill that desire. You can either go to school and make friends or go on a crazy rampage!

Experience High School Like Never Before

The SAKURA School Simulator for PC is an amazing title made by Garusoft Development Inc. It has the great elements for a slice-of-life RPG, so you can fully enjoy the high school experience that you’ve been looking for. Not only that, you can get married, fight other characters, and meet acquaintances that will shape your future.

You can even level up your life by learning how to have a baby. You can also learn ways on how to get money. There are tons of crazy shenanigans you can do in this fun simulation title. So boot up your pc and download SAKURA School Simulator now!

How to Play SAKURA School Simulator

Once you download the SAKURA school simulator on pc, you can freely play it all you want on a bigger and wider screen. This means you get to see all the action up-close and with enhanced graphics. So if you’re ready to taste the action the game has to offer, you have to know the basic gameplay.

First, create your avatar from scratch. Design and customize how you want them to look. Second, make friends, enemies, lovers, and many acquaintances. This will help increase your social skills. Third, make sure to attend school and gain more knowledge. Fourth, get a job to earn money. Then explore the map and memorize where you want to go. Lastly, go on a rampage if you wish to liven up your high school life!

Awesome Free-to-Play Game Features

  • Establish relationships such as romance and friendship.
  • The RPG style lets you select random choices when talking to others.
  • Fight enemies while on a Rampage.
  • Create your situation and story.
  • Free-to-play Sandbox Gameplay

We also have tons of simulation games on our library. Fill the shoes of a jail warden by playing Prison Architect. You can also try your hands at developing awesome games with Game Dev Tycoon. We only offer the best games for the PC Master Race! Get for the best gaming experience!

sakura school simulator attending class
sakura school simulator wedding
sakura school simulator make friends
sakura school simulator buy cake
sakura school simulator attending class
sakura school simulator wedding
sakura school simulator make friends
sakura school simulator buy cake




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