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After winning over the hearts of the players in the Asia Market, Honkai Impact 3 is now officially launched in the United States… since 28th March 2018! We’re definitely excited about this game, being big Okatus as well! It’s Girl Power with Honkai Impact 3! Join the anime girls from Valkyrie Unit in their mission to protect the world.


Complete the story missions as the Captain of the warship, and together with the other Valkyries on your team: Kiana, Mei, and Bronya, fight against evil deadwalkers and Honkai beasts in the universe. As the missions in Honkai Impact 3 become gradually challenging, you will need to upgrade the characters and their equipment to gain better stats to defeat the strong enemies and save the world! Download Honkai Impact 3 on PC now!


Pic 1: Honkai Impact 3 Game Launch

Honkai Impact 3 Game Features:


Cute Anime Game Characters

As the Captain of the warship Hyperion, it’s your responsibility to lead your elite team of Valkyries in the battle against evil deadwalkers and deadly monsters, known as Honkai, around the universe. Players are initially introduced to three Valkyries, Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya Zaychik. Subsequently as you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock new Valkyries that can be added to the squad.


Pic 2: Honkai Impact 3 Valkyries


Upgrade, Evolve and Equip your Valkyries

Complete the story missions and upgrade your characters and their equipment to defeat the Honkai as they get stronger as you progress. There are 5 different upgrades that you can perform on your Valkyries.

  1. Level Up: Gain experience points (EXP) by clearing the story missions or getting victories in the battles. Leveling up increases the performance stats of the Valkyries.
  2. Evolve: Increase your Valkyries’ performance and power by evolving them using fragments obtained from completing story missions.
  3. Weapons: Equip your Valkyries with Weapons such as Pistol, Katana, Rocket Launcher and Particle Beam Cannon to increase their attack power and chances of getting critical hits. Upgrade the weapons to enhance their power. Note that each Valkyrie has their own specific weapon.
  4. Stigmata: Increase damage power of your Valkyrie. Collect a set of stigmata and gain extra bonus.
  5. Skills: Skills are separated into 2 different types in Honkai Impact 3; active and passive. Level up your skills to deal more damage.


Pic 3: Honkai Impact 3 Stigmata | Victoria (T)


Unlimited Hands-On Action

Unlike games such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Guns of Boom where there’s an auto-play system that gives players the easy way out to playing a combat game, Honkai Impact 3rd requires players to actually aim at the target and hit the attack button. Although it means more work for the players, we feel that this is what makes the game more engaging and allows for more participation from the players, rather than just watching the game unfold and play by itself (yawns!).


Stunning Graphics with matching Voice Narrations

With battles happening on the warship Hyperion, the view from the warship is absolutely stunning that we can’t help but admire in awe. Kudos to the graphics team for the detailed drawings of the characters and the backgrounds. While in battle, the camera will automatically pan and allowing you to have 360° view of the battlefield. When dealing critical hits, the animation slows down by itself, allowing you to enjoy the scene of the final blow. In between stages, the story unveils animations of the communication between you and the commander, Murata Himeko. It’s like watching an anime while playing a game! Honkai Impact 3 definitely brings anime combat games to a higher level with its stunning cinematics. It’s not just a feast for the eyes to all Otakus, it’s also gaming enjoyment for all players out there.


Pic 4: Honkai Impact 3 Anime Story Line


Regular Game Updates

The regular updates in this game would introduce different storylines for players to explore. You cannot help but keep coming back for more Honkai Impact 3 adventure! Download Honkai Impact 3 now!


Honkai Impact 3 Anime Character Descriptions:


Pic 5: Kiana Kaslana | Valkyrie Ranger


Kiana Kaslana: Uses gun kata techniques to engage in melee and ranged combat. Dodges enemy attacks to trigger Time Fracture. Crushes enemies and deals massive damage with her ultimate skills.


Pic 6: Raiden Mei | Crimson Impulse


Raiden Mei: Combines ninjutsu and bushido techniques to engage in melee combat. Dashes in and out of battle with ninja-like reflexes. Diverse ultimate skills, varying from illusions to lightning attacks.


Pic 7: Bronya Zaychik | Yamabuki Armor


Bronya Zaychik: Suppresses enemies from a distance with cannons and lasers. Capable of evading enemies or blocking attacks with a shield. Warps time and space, freezing enemies or pulling them into a black hole.


Honkai Impact 3 Guide, Tips, Wiki and Reddit

Plan the Valkyrie to use in Battles

As experience points are only awarded to the Valkyrie who participated and won the battle, choose your Valkyries wisely and focus on the Valkyrie that works best with your gaming style.


Pic 8: Honkai Impact 3rd Story Mission Completion Rewards


Keep your Ultimate Move to the Last

Being a Street Fighter-style game like Marvel Contest of Champions and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Honkai Impact 3rd requires players to execute attack combos to inflict greater damage to the opponent. Completing multiple combos charges up the ultimate move. Although there’s no restriction on when to execute the ultimate move, we recommend that you should save it until you encounter a boss, who is usually the hardest to defeat. And since charging the ultimate move takes time, using the ultimate move in the beginning may not garner you sufficient time to charge up another ultimate move. Hence, keep that trump card under your sleeve until you encounter a situation whereby you would absolutely need to utilize it.


So download Honkai Impact 3 on PC today and join in this epic action-packed RPG adventure of a lifetime!

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Ratings and Reviews

Great game for Otaku fans!

5 5 1
Action-packed fun with my kawaii sweethearts~ recommended. runs smoothly on my windows pc

Great Effects!

5 5 1
The characters are great and its easy to level up my only problem is that there are too much button in the homepage.

Girl Power!

5 5 1
Fun and loving game!

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