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Hoplite PC - Are You Tactical Enough to Defeat Your Opponent?

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Do you want to play role-playing games involving deep analysis? Does it give you an adrenaline boost whenever you play games that involve tactical skills? Do you prefer games that test your critical thinking over games requiring fast reflexes? If you are still searching for such a game, search no more because Hoplite for PC is what you’re looking for!

What’s the Hype All About with Hoplite?

Hoplite is not just an ordinary role-playing game from Magma Fortress. Actually, Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game that’s somewhat roguelike. Therefore, it means that the game shares similarities with more full-fledged roguelike games. But that doesn’t mean that the game is mediocre in terms of fun. In fact, this role-playing game may be rogue-lite but it’s just as exciting as full-fledged ones. The game is set in the underworld where each level is called depth. Here, players control the titular hoplite and should navigate it through a grid of hexagonal tiles with lava all around.

The game’s objective is simple, which is to reach the only exit in each depth. As easy as it sounds, getting there is the daunting part. Along the way, you need to avoid or attack fiends while creating a path towards the exit. Furthermore, your hoplite can obtain abilities or prayers from an altar. Finding one can provide your hoplite with a boost in attack, health recovery, or any skill that can help you finish the level.

The game is divided between freemium and pay-to-play. The former only features a hundred levels. Unlocking it requires real money but will give you a thousand levels to play on. Aside from that, you can get more features including unlocking new abilities and more challenges.

Touching Down the Gameplay of Hoplite for PC

As previously mentioned, Hoplite is a turn-based role-playing game of strategies. So you make your move and your opponent makes theirs afterwards. There are no time constraints involved for when the player moves their respective hoplite units on the grid. Each battle happens in real-time.

What makes Hoplite exciting to play is its unusual mechanism compared to other roguelike games. Instead of bumping into the enemy to attack and destroy them, your hoplite’s position after you made your move will determine the attack result. So you need to be really wise with your tactical plans.

Hoplite Game Features Not for the Faint of Heart

  • Make strategic choices to strengthen your hoplite
  • A game of wits – think before you make a move
  • Over 100 procedurally generated levels to play
  • Each level provides an entirely different gaming experience
  • One-time purchase to unlock 1000 levels and more abilities

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