Moging World : Jungle Fly
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Jungle Fly Game - Enjoy The Flying Parkour Game

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jungle fly download free
jungle fly download PC
jungle fly download PC free
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A unique and exciting endless runner game you can play is Moging World : Jungle Fly by ICLOUDZONE INC. An action arcade game where you move forward and avoid obstacles along the way while collecting large coins. But instead of running, you will fly. You will control a bird in this game and help it avoid obstacles as it flies and collects large coins. And if you think this will be simple and easy, you’d be surprised.

Control How Your Agile Bird Flies in the Arcade Game

The Jungle Fly Game is an online endless runner game. But instead of running, you’ll fly. You will control your bird to avoid the different obstacles you’ll encounter. It sounds simple but it isn’t. It’s a flying parkour game that provides a bit of challenging gameplay. Your bird will move fast forward, which means you have to be quick with your reactions. You need to be able to react quickly in flying high or low to avoid obstacles.

Aside from flying low and high, you also have to be quick in flying left or right. And you do this while trying to collect large coins. You’ll also notice that it’s much harder to maneuver while flying compared to running. But it is more fun and exciting to play since flying does provide more excitement than just running. You will surely enjoy playing this game compared to the typical endless runner. See how far you can fly in Moging World.

How the Flying Parkour Game is Played

Moging World works just like a typical endless runner, except you’re flying here. Instead of jumping, you will fly higher and instead of sliding you’ll just fly lower. And instead of side-stepping left or right, you will lean left or right. You can see the gameplay mechanics are just similar to that of a typical endless runner. But the challenging part here is that your bird is flying at a fast rate.

It means speed is important here. You have to react quickly to make sure your bird won’t hit any obstacles. You also have to be quick in learning and flying low or high to collect the large coins. Coins can be used to allow you to continue where you crashed instead of starting from the beginning once again. The goal of the flying parkour game is to be able to fly as far as possible. Try to climb the leaderboard and show you’re the best when it comes to flying and avoiding obstacles.

Moging World : Jungle Fly Game Features

  • Enjoy endless flying while avoiding obstacles
  • A simple but challenging gameplay
  • Collect large coins as you fly forward
  • Use coins to continue where you crash instead of starting over
  • Climb the leaderboard to show who’s the best at flying

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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