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KOF’98 UM OL – Become The Ultimate King Of Fighters

king of fighter 98 download free
king of fighter 98 download full version
king of fighter 98 download PC free
king of fighter 98 download PC
king of fighter 98 download free
king of fighter 98 download full version
king of fighter 98 download PC free
king of fighter 98 download PC

When it comes to classic and action-packed fighting games, the King of Fighters series would have to be included in many people’s lists. And why not? It was one of the most exciting and action-packed fighting games you could ever play. If you were someone who was a big fan of King of Fighters 98, then you would also enjoy playing this game. It’s KOF’98, an action role-playing game published by FingerFun Limited.

It’s a game that lets you experience the adrenaline rush that the classic King of Fighters game provides. But it also features a combination of card-collecting gameplay.

How KOF’98 Is Properly Played

Like with most role-playing games, you’d begin KOF’98 with a tutorial along with a short story. The tutorial will involve the main characters of the popular franchise, including the villains. You’d see them fighting in a turn-based battle system. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about using the ultimate skills that your character will possess, which activate once the skill gauge is charged.

Once it’s charged, just tap the character’s icon and swipe up. After the short story, you continue with the more in-depth tutorial for the gameplay. To attack enemies, you just tap on the opponent and your character will attack. When a skill is available, just tap the character icon and your character will do the skill. If the ultimate is available, the character’s icon will be charged up, showing you can activate it.

Practice Your Moves & Beat Other Fighters

The in-depth tutorial will also teach you about doing combos with your other characters. When you attack, there’s going to be a marker that will get smaller. Once the marker is in line with the yellow circle, tap it to do the combo and make your teammate attack also. It’s a move that can deal more damage without using the character’s skill.

Getting the timing right won’t be easy and it will require some practice. Aside from the battle sequence, KOF’98 is played much like an RPG, complete with progressions. There are also other game modes to play aside from the campaign, such as the PvP. But the ultimate goal here is to assemble a powerful team of fighters. You will be able to summon plenty of KOF characters, then develop and upgrade them, and ultimately use them in battle.

King of Fighters 98 UM OL Game Features

  • Acquire and collect King of Fighters characters
  • Battle against other players to see who has the strongest team
  • Enjoy an action-packed RPG fighting game

If you’re looking for more fighting game to play, you can also try Blood & Glory: Legend or One Finger Death Punch. Both are action-packed fighting games you will also enjoy playing.




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