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About this Game

Who do you think is the strongest Marvel character? Is it the Hulk? Thor? How about the other characters? Do you think they will stand a chance in a fight? Well, now is the time to find out in the Marvel Contest of Champions. It’s an action fighting game that’s published by Kabam Games, Inc. In this game, the Collector has forced both heroes and villains alike to participate in his contest to see who the ultimate champion is.

You will be participating in this contest, and you will be assembling a team of Marvel characters to battle. Players can access both heroes and villains to try and assemble the most powerful team and battle your way to becoming the champion of champions. You can make a group of Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Wolverine, Dr. Doom, and more. Let’s discuss further how you can play this game.

How To Play Marvel Contest of Champions

The first part of the game will be a tutorial about how to fight. You will be using a borrowed hero while you’re learning the controls. Once done, you will be given crystals to summon your first two heroes. After that, you will be fighting 2 Marvel champions as a further part of training and to see if you qualify.

Once done, you can start participating in the battle for real. You will be battling against Marvel characters who succumbed to The Collector’s manipulation, and the competition will mostly be 1-on-1. So you choose which from your collection of heroes will be battling.

It’s important to remember that certain heroes are strong and weak against certain heroes. Before the match, you will have the chance to see this feature so make sure you choose the correct hero to use. You will have five slots for your team, so make sure you make them as balanced as possible.

You can also earn rewards after winning battles. Some of the rewards can help you summon more heroes, where the reward will allow you to level up your hero. Leveling up is essential to make them stronger so you can defeat stronger heroes.

Marvel Contest of Champions Features

  • Collect hundreds of different heroes and villains!
  • Join an alliance or form one with your friends!
  • Enjoy and participate on quest.
  • Upgrade and summon champions!
  • Free to play game and download

Download MARVEL Contest of Champions on PC

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