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My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House Best PC Games

My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House

Shimon Young : Play Home Software

My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

My Playhome Lite - Playhome Doll House PC | Digital Playhouse

There’s no other place like home. It is the place where you can do anything and everything you put your mind into. So, go ahead and let dad sleep in a crib, feed the fish with cat food and cram 5 people in a single bed. While you’re at it, go ahead and cook some dinner for the family. Do all these and play the game like a real-life homemaker with My My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House. There are no rules here – only simple physics. Go ahead and read on to find out more!


My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House Interactive Digital House Play

My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House PC is a free game that works as an interactive digital dollhouse. In this game, you can play in any way you like. You can role play and do fun things with the dolls by the built-in physics engine in the game.

It is incredibly impressive how the dolls interact with the objects in the game. For instance, if you place a doll on a bed, it would make it sleep. Or if you load a CD in the stereo,  it will play a piece of different music. Also, even though the lite version of My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House Desktop only have few rooms, the level of details in each room will still greatly provide you with an immersive gameplay experience. In the bedroom alone, you can discover approximately 19 interactive objects, excluding the dolls. These objects are the dolls’ clothes, cabinets, a basketball, a crib, a bed sheet plus a lot more. You will definitely get immersed as each one of them has unique interactions with the dolls.


Dynamic Household

The household is also very dynamic and realistic as you can toggle the night or day cycle of the game at will. If you switch to night mode, you will see delicate details that will make you more absorbed into the game. Like, the television not only plays a video but it actually emits dynamic light at night. Even the lighting details are well fleshed-out.

Aside from those, the physics engine of this game acts realistically and comically at the same time. Either way, it makes the game even more fun. For instance, you can drop a doll in the crib and the doll will bounce back as if you dropped it on a trampoline. Certainly, even the lite version of My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House Desktop has very rich features. You will surely get immersed for endless hours to its wonderful world. So, go ahead and download your free My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House PC now!

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Game Download

Get ready to play!

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your My PlayHome Lite – Play Home Doll House installation.

Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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