Myths of Moonrise
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Myths of Moonrise – Challenging Puzzle Role-playing Game

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myths of moonrise pc download
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Match-3 stages and RPG growth elements are all combined in Myths of Moonrise. The final outcome is a fusion that, while simple to understand and easy to play, yet challenging to master.

Anyone can now download the brand-new match-3 strategy RPG Myths of Moonrise. It also features a wide range of other features outside of battle. Examples are base development, RPG progression, troop training, and high-stakes PvP and PvE on the world map.

Your Journey Starts Now!

In Myths of Moonrise, giant meteoroid fragments pierced the peace and tranquility of the night without any prior notice. The entire Continent immediately fell into complete darkness! The innocent lives and enduring tranquillity were torn apart by the Fallen’s talons and jaws.

At this critical time, the Werewolf, the Vampire, and the Wizard joined together in search of glimmerings of hope amidst the gloom. They finally reached the Ancestral Grounds, where the strong Lord had already awoken from his long slumber.

Along with the Fallen minions, there might be fellow civilians sheltering among the rubble and collapsed walls. Please proceed cautiously, don’t ever abandon your fellow countrymen, and never grant mercy to the Dead.

Equip yourself with tactics, then connect the puzzle pieces to unleash the mystical force that can vanquish your adversaries. In tense situations, you can grow your clan, fortify your resolve, and win glory. And all of the heroes’ abilities would be in the final arena. There are 5 Races, 4 Troop Types, and all the links of limitations!

Uncover the Myths of Moonrise

Like most RPGs, Myths of Moonrise begins with a short highlighting of the narrative. Following the intro is the tutorial. The tutorial will brief you about the mechanics and elements of the game. It is best to pay attention to the tutorial for a smooth gaming experience.

The Hero option on the main game page can be used to upgrade the hero level, remember to choose one of the hired heroes from the menu. When you do, a choice named “upgrade” appears, and when players select it, the character’s level is raised.

But in order to raise the hero’s level, players need enough elixir, which is what Potion Labs produces in the form of their potions. The “type” that each hero and antagonist belongs to will determine their advantages in battle.

Every type is weak versus one and strong versus the other. These factors are crucial to take into account, especially if you’re having problems passing a certain stage. Your job in this game is to create a variety of structures with a variety of goals, such as enhancing the kingdom’s economy and increasing the aesthetics of the area.

Experience These Awesome Features:

  • Build new homes
  • Collect heroes
  • Exciting arena battles
  • Alliance gameplay
  • Secure and defend your kingdom

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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