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Oddmar – Play & Be Like a Viking

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Oddmar has a difficult time adjusting to village life and is unworthy of entering Valhalla. His fellow Vikings avoid him, and he has to make up for his wasted talent. He has the chance to show himself one day, but there is a cost. One should feel sorry for Oddmar’s life.

He keeps having trouble adjusting to life in his own village. Hence, he is not deserving of a spot in Valhalla. Even though his Vikings teammates won’t stop making fun of him, he hasn’t given up and is still waiting for his chance to completely realize his potential. Can you assist him with that?

Learn About a Great Viking’s Story

On this epic adventure, make new companions, arm yourself with magically enhanced weapons and shields, and take on enormous enemies and bosses. Immerse yourself in a motion comic adaptation of an epic Viking tale. Players take the role of a Viking, Oddmar, who, for some reason is not permitted to join Valhalla due to the irony of fate.

But as we all know, even when there seems to be no hope left, there will always be a glimmer of light and plenty of mushrooms. You will travel through enchanted fairy forests, snowy mountains, perilous mines, and more as a Viking endowed with exceptional abilities thanks to a magical mushroom on a quest to earn a place in Valhalla’s magnificent hall of heroes.

Journey through 24 expertly made levels filled with platforming and physics-based puzzles. Discover your true strength with armor and weapons that have magical imbuement. Discover your ultimate power and inner magic by solving 24 exquisite puzzles while learning how to use weapons and shields.

Oddmar is a captivating platformer that boasts beautiful artwork, comedy, and a never-ending stream of surprises. It presents new concepts at the ideal tempo to maintain an interesting balance of the anticipated and unfamiliar.

Experience Oddmar from your PC

Following the prologue and introduction, you are thrust into the mythical realm of Midgard. It’s where you play as Oddmar through 24 levels of platforming fun. Things move slowly at first. Only movement and jumping are okay in the first two stages.

But don’t be concerned, as this game is much more than just leaping from platform to platform. Along the way, you’ll develop some new skills. Keep in mind that your goal is to get entrance to the Vikings’ afterlife. On your trip through enchanted forests, snow-capped mountains, and perilous mines, you will run into both new allies and enemies.

Oddmar is a fantastic homage to games like Super Mario Bros. without being just an old game in a new skin, so if you like platform games you should appreciate it. The tale is compelling enough to keep you playing in order to discover more plot points.

Oddmar Exciting Features

  • A fun and challenging platforming experience
  • Multiple puzzles to explore
  • High-definition graphics and smooth animation
  • AAA-quality gameplay complete with cinematics

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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