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Panda Sports Games – For Kids

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Become the best cute bear athlete in Panda Sports Games – For Kids! You play as Kiki – a panda athlete who wants nothing more than to win the gold cup. But, doing so is not going to be easy. Everyone else wants the trophy as much as you do! Warm up, get your paws ready and tighten your headband because it’s about to go down! Who will win the gold cup? Will it be you or the other teams?

Panda Sports Games for Kids was built for kids to exercise their motor skills, reflexes, and quick thinking. It’s not a challenging game for adults, but for children, this proves as a great brain trainer and entry-level digital sports. Play basketball and score as many points as possible, race against time in the track & field, dip perfectly in the diving competition or do the biggest jump on the trampoline! 4 different sports games, 4 ways to win. Play the Panda Sports Games for Kids on PC! It’s free!


Basketball in Panda Sports Games – For Kids

Your only goal is to score as much as you can! Adjust your aim, control the power meter and try to score hoops! Don’t worry; nobody is going to block your shots. But, be quick about it; it’s you against the clock!


Track & Field

In here, you go head-to-head with the world’s fastest giraffe (they can’t add the cheetah since that would count as cheating). Click the button as repeatedly as fast as you can to keep Kiki going fast as Sonic! By the way, don’t forget to jump over the hurdles too!


Diving in Panda Sports Games – For Kids

Your mission in the game is to dive without splashing too much. To do that, you need to adjust Kiki’s position as he dives in. If he dives vertically, it’s a perfect score!


Trampoline Jumping

Who knew pandas love jumping on the trampoline? In this game, aim as high as you can! You’ll never know until you literally reach space!

Download and play Panda Sports Games for Kids for free on your desktop PC! For more fun adventure games for kids, you can also try Castle Cats: Epic Story Quests or Chuck E.’s Skate Universe.

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