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About this Game

In your head, you want to look away and not stare. But for some strange reason, it is difficult not to gawk. There is a weird pull going on, drawing your eyes to the quirky sight. And before you know it, you are staring at it. Yes, having a plumber over means there is a good chance you will also be staring at his butt crack. Blame pop culture or what-not. This game takes on cliche. Check out the free Plumber Crack desktop PC game now!


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Play and Be Entertained

In this desktop game, you can drop something in the crack and see how the plumber will react. You can start with a peanut or a quarter. Wondering how he will react to an ice cube? Drop it and see his reaction.


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Customize Your Character in the free Plumber Crack Game for Desktop PC

Want to take it further? You can dress up your plumber with something outrageous, like a French maid perhaps. This game also features an IT tech that you can dress up.


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Play this game for free now and look for more sports games like Bowmasters and Archery King.

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