Bowmasters Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Bowmasters Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Bowmasters Free Online PC Game | Best Character, Diamond Membership, ver 2, 3

With its addictive gameplay, cool game characters, and online multiplayer feature, it’s no wonder why the game bagged the Best Game of 2017 rating. Packed with loads of features and excitement, this shooting games unblocked will surely make every minute spent worth the while. Choose your own characters without paying for anything. Win coins by watching videos or completing challenges. If Lady Luck is on your side, you might just win a new character by opening the chest.


Have fun shooting people in the face and unleash the duality of your soul by choosing the character that represents your characteristic. Bowmasters is a very simple and easy game to play and a great time killer. With the use of your mouse, you can click on the top of the tower and drag and choose the direction of your aim and the power of your shots. Check out the awesome game features of Bowmasters below! Download and play this action game on PC/Mac now!


Bowmasters PC Download


Bowmasters Game Features


Tons of Fun Characters

Bowmasters is a fun and exciting game that lets you choose your own character that you can relate to. Find the female character named Hunger who resembles Katniss Everdeen from the famous movie Hunger Games, Penny from The Big Bang Theory, Donald D who looks exactly like Donald Trump, Dr. Sick aka Rick from Rick and Morty, King Octopus, Fernando and a lot of other interesting characters that makes the game more enjoyable to play. Unlock more than 60 characters from all dimensions. Choose the best character that suits your gameplay! Each game character comes with their own exclusive weapon. Unlock as many characters as you can as you carry on and win different levels that are in store for you.


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Multiple Game Modes

Bowmasters has a lot of game modes to choose from; you can play against the computer if you are bored or play against someone randomly if you are in a competitive mood. Practice shooting birds in the sky or shoot fruits off from someone’s head and win coins while defeating the enemies. Play Bowmasters 2 too and enjoy the fun in each of these specially designed game modes.


Bowmasters Prelude Best Character Membership


Lots of Different Weapons

Participate in long-distance duels with Bowmasters and shoot using weapons like a bow, Viking axe, a Molotov cocktail and many more. There are more than 60 weapons to choose from, either for total chaos or whatsoever. Have fun choosing your weapons and make the best out of it.


Great Graphics

Relive your childhood with the fun and zany 2D action-packed Bowmasters Game while enjoying the hilarious graphics and tons of different game modes. Play with your little brother like the old times. Walk down memory lane as you unlock characters using your proven and tested hacks or show your mates just what you’re worth by challenging them with epic duels.


Online Multiplayer

Create a team from all over the world and enjoy playing online with Bowmasters multiplayer feature and win every battle or win new friends! Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy this game with equally skillful bowmen like you! Have fun and meet new friends at the same time but whether you play against a friend or against the computer, the confrontations always end badly, but the fun will be worth it.


Bowmasters Diamond Membership

Bowmasters makes gaming more fascinating with the Diamond membership feature that lets you stop the video-ads popping up that other players find annoying and automatically win tons of coins and rewards daily. The game lets you choose from 3 different subscriptions (each with the corresponding price) that will give you tons of perks and benefits. Depending on which subscription you choose, you could unlock all 16 characters namely:

  1. Dracula
  2. Fire Ninja
  3. Grut
  4. Heisenberg
  5. Iron Man
  6. Katniss
  7. Masterchef
  8. Phantom Creed
  9. Subzero
  10. Twitch
  11. Varg Blackburn
  12. Neko
  13. Mike
  14. Ice Lord
  15. Octopus
  16. Terrance

You can also receive 1000 coins and 100 gems daily that you can use to buy characters especially if you hate waiting for the chest roulette.  Subscribe and enjoy the perks or unsubscribe anytime you want.


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Bowmasters Game Tips and Tricks


Always test out your Angles and Go Full Power during Every Shot

Keep an eye on your opponent after landing an attack and check where they are positioned after getting up. Your next shot should stick to the same exact range percentage if they stayed in the same spot after getting up from their feet and adjust your next shot accordingly by throwing your projectile a bit further if they get knocked back a bit.


As you do not know the exact distance between you and your opponent in each round, you should test the distance between both of you when a new match starts. Going for an attack with 100 percent power is always a good move and aiming towards a percentage that’s between 10-20 percent ranges will always work for you.


Be Familiar with Bowmasters Armory

Like its predecessor, Bowmasters keeps the legacy of the game. Acquaint yourself with the various forms of weapons and be accustomed to every one of them:


  • Normal or Straight Projectiles

Although they may seem small, these weapons can fly straight most of the time and can cause serious headshot damage to your opponent.

  • Circulating or Rotating Projectiles

These weapons are heavier in structure and travel a bit slower in mid-air. Hence it is easier to land a hit on your opponent even though your aim isn’t spot on. One weakness of such weapons is that their attack damage is not that high.

  • Special Projectiles

This type of weapon has a special ability to mash the aspects of the two weapon types together. Examples of this weapon type include Magic Card and Gamepad.


Bowmasters Game Online Download Free


Knock out those achievements and Get your coins

Fill up your pockets with coins by winning matches, landing headshots and pulling off fatalities. Bird hunt mode could also help you acquire more coins, hitting 15 ducks could make you 300 coins richer.


Try out Bowmasters on PC today! Download the game on PC/Mac now and test your archery ability. Enjoy other shooting games such as Archery Master 3D and Archery King here.




Game Download

Get ready to play!

Follow these easy steps to complete
your Bowmasters installation.

Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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