Pocket Plants: grow plant game
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Pocket Plants Game - Get a Chance To Save The World Using Plants

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Plants are one of the reasons why our planet can sustain life, which shows how important they are. Well, in this game, plants don’t just sustain life, they’re also being used to revitalize the world. The game is titled Pocket Plants: grow plant game, a casual simulation game published by Shikudo.

It’s a game where you get to plant different types of cute plants to revitalize the world. It’s a fun and interesting game that you’ll surely enjoy playing. Let’s discuss in more detail the gameplay, as well as the different Pocket Plants combinations you can do to help save the planet.

Try Different Pocket Plants Combination To Save The World

As mentioned earlier, your main objective here is to plant different types of plants to help revitalize the world. The world has become a dump and it’s up to you to help it recover. But you won’t be able to do it on your own, as you’ll need the help of plants. There are many different plants available for you to use, but many of them won’t be available outright.

You’ll need to combine two different plants to unlock a new type of plant in the game. And since you can use that new plant for combinations, there will be a lot of different Pocket Plants combinations available for you to unlock. Each plant will provide you with energy, which you’ll use as resources to speed up the merging of the plants.

But what’s great about this game is that the plants are not just typical plants, they’re like characters. Each one of them has its description and uses. Pocket Plants is a cute game that you will love playing. Let’s discuss in the next section how this casual game is played.

Getting Started with the Pocket Plants Game

Like many games out there, the Pocket Plants game will come with a tutorial in the beginning. It will teach you the basics of the game, which you can easily pick up. To start planting, just tap the nursery icon and see the available plants you have. In the nursery, there’s a “?” box there, which is the plant type you’ll get from merging certain plants.

It tells you what type of plants you need to merge to get it. There are many different Pocket Plants combinations you can try. But keep in mind that you need to make sure that the plants you’ll combine are compatible. If you combine plants, not on the nursery list, then it becomes burnt wood.

Plants produce energy, which you’ll use to speed up the merging process. You can also earn energy for completing orders of certain plants. Just keep on planting until you cleanse the area. Once done, you move to a different world. It’s a fun and simple game that you’ll enjoy playing.

The Features of the Pocket Plants Game

  • Collect all different plants available in the game
  • Cleanse and breathe life back to several magical worlds and restore their former glory
  • Connect the game to a FitBit or a device and let your steps produce energy for the game
  • Enjoy harvesting charming plants with different and unique characteristics

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